Make your Christmas shiny & chrome with the War Boy Christmas Stocking

Karol Bartoszynski of Karol B Clothing wants you to have a Mad Max Christmas.

Born in Poland & raised in California, Karol grew up on a steady diet of MTV music videos and ’80s movies like Predator, Robocop & Back to the Future. Eventually, Karol caught a TV broadcast of a Mad Max movie & became a super fan. He went on to create a Mad Max costume reference website ( and ultimately helped found Wasteland Weekend, a post-apocalyptic desert festival, which he ran for its first five years.

Karol started his small business in 2015, in part motivated by his long-standing ambition of designing costumes for films.

“I love to design larger-than-life garments, inspired by both stagewear & rock fashion, as well as all the aged, futuristic and tribal textures I see in some of my favorite movie costumes,” says Karol. “I live to cater to the niche tastes of the fan communities I’m a part of.”

Realizing it would be fun to offer some seasonal products, Karol decided to put his own spin on the novelty Christmas stocking. The result was the War Boy Christmas stocking.

The stocking is made of a sturdy cotton canvas and features a small cargo pocket for extra storage. There is a network of real leather straps riveted to the body of the stocking, with random metal hardware peppered all around that you can use as attachment points for more gifts, or just leave as decoration.

There is a silver Mad Max flaming steering wheel logo emblazoned onto the center, and a patch of fabric stitched at the top that offers some space for personalization, eg a monogram or name. A chunky two-way metal zipper runs along the right side, making it easier to fit irregularly-shaped gifts into the stocking or to access the personalization space with a sewing machine or embroidery needle.

The stocking is a generous size, being 17 inches tall and 12 inches wide at its widest point.

The War Boy Christmas stocking retails at $34.99 and is available at the following marketplaces:

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