OMEN Spacer wireless TKL keyboard (review)

Just over a month ago, I wrote a review for the OMEN Vector Wireless Mouse, and now I am taking a closer look at the new OMEN Spacer, a wireless TKL (ten-key-less) keyboard for gaming. I have had a chance to use this alongside the Vector to get a feel for the OMEN experience.

I tested the OMEN Spacer both weird and wireless and both its strengths and weaknesses. While there are shared qualities from this new OMEN series of peripherals, there are a few things that the spacer lacks.

Where It Falls Short

Most of this review will point out the brilliance of it, but I wanted to start by pointing out a few things. While the battery life of the OMEN Vector is phenomenal, the Spacer’s battery diminishes much faster. I found myself while pushing its features and brightness to its limits, getting about 6-8 hours of use.

However, the battery life dramatically increased when I lowered the key-light brightness, set default key assignments, and set the animation to breathing, which lasted around 15-20 hours. Turning off the key-lights saw the greatest improvement, but who wants to turn those off?

The ultra-fast charging is not found on the OMEN Spacer either. I found myself having to plug in more often and stay connected for longer than the OMEN Vector. It would be nice to see the battery and charging technology from the Vector incorporated into future models. Especially since it charges via USB Type-C. Lastly, the key-lighting customizing is limited to only the animation effect, and there is no color control as of now.

Where It Shines

The quality of the switches to the feel of the keys is premium. Using a quiet version of the Cherry MX brown switches, the keys provide a satisfying travel distance. I never felt like it missed a beat, which is something I was looking for when using it wirelessly. The key caps can be removed and replaced easily. The shift functions on the keycaps could be a bit more visible.

The keyboard itself is quite hefty too, and it will not budge during intense gaming moments. The grips on the bottom also help provide that stability, but there are no flaps to fold or flip out to adjust the angle of the keyboard. I do like the angle at which the Spacer was built, and I found no need to adjust it.

There are 3 lights above the directional keys. One is the battery indicator, and it will flash amber when the battery is low and have a steady amber light when charging. When the keyboard is fully charged, the light will turn white. The other lights are indicators for the Caps Lock and Windows key Lock.

Functionality and Tips

There are a few other controls that can be used with the function key. While the OMEN Command Center allows you to customize the key assignments, the option to change key-light brightness and animations can be adjusted with function keys as well.

When it comes to using the OMEN Spacer on a regular basis, I found that the best thing to do is get used to the power switch. Turning off the keyboard when not in use will save lots of battery life (ie. bathroom, water, or snack breaks). When turning it back on, it connects immediately. That’s the beauty of wireless over Bluetooth.

The wireless dongle is the same size as the Vector’s, which is small, small, and small. There are convenient little icons that help distinguish which dongle belongs to which peripheral, with a bit of a cherry on top. The wrist pad is made with a leather-like fabric and snaps on magnetically. While it is comfortable, it does raise the wrists a good amount, so I found myself putting it to the side.

The OMEN Spacer works with the majority of devices, but for some reason, even though my PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 would recognize the keyboard, it would not recognize any input. I did not get to test it directly on an Xbox.

Final Reaction

I really enjoyed my time testing the OMEN Spacer, and it cleans up the work and gaming station nicely. The nearly non-existent delay and satisfying typing make it excellent for gaming. While the battery life and charging could see an improvement, it’s still one of the best wireless keyboards for gaming on the market. It can be pre-ordered now for $127.99, but typically goes for $159.99.

Rating: 4/5 Atoms

This product was provided by HP OMEN for review purposes.

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