Get creative with Victrola Canvas Record Player Portable Suitcase

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Credit: Nerd Reactor

Record players have been around for decades, and it has been making a comeback during modern times thanks to enthusiasts. With many people listening and streaming music, one would think that record players would die out. However, they have a certain cool factor where you can place a big vinyl record on top of your player and have that sweet analog sound. For those who want to bring their music with them, the record player suitcases have become very convenient, and Victrola has designed a record player for those who want to express themselves with The Canvas.

The Canvas is a white, portable record player that comes with sheets of retro stickers, which you can stick it all over the product. The stickers range from robots and arcades to dinosaurs and donuts, so there should be something for everyone. We decided to use all the stickers on the player.

Credit: Nerd Reactor

If stickers aren’t your thing, you can get creative by writing, drawing, or painting on Victrola’s Canvas record player suitcase. It is called The Canvas for a reason.

The player can be connected via Bluetooth, but thanks to the built-in speakers, you can truly bring this anywhere there’s an outlet, as long as you also have a vinyl record. There are also inputs for 3.5mm or RCA cables if you don’t want to mess with wireless technology.

Credit: Nerd Reactor

We tested out the audio, and it’s serviceable for what it’s set out to do as a portable player, so don’t expect to be floored away by the sound. The perks are the blank canvas and portable design, and it definitely catches the eyes.

There are 3 different speed modes, which can play 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM records.

The Canvas Record Player by Victrola retails for $79.99 and is available at the following stores:

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