Audeze LCD-1 Headphones Review – Too pricey for its quality

Audeze LCD-1Headphones Review Credit: John Nguyen/Nerd Reactor
Credit: John Nguyen/Nerd Reactor

Audeze, a headphones company based in California, introduced to audiophiles the LCD-1 headphones, which features planar magnetic drivers, open-back ear cups, and lightweight and foldable design. It’s a high-end pair of headphones with a retail of $399, but is it worth the price? Although it features planar magnetic drivers and delivers good sound, there are better and cheaper alternatives with more comfortable construction and superior sound quality.

The pair of Audeze LCD-1 headphones comes with a carrying case, 3.5mm cable, and a 3.5mm to 6.35mm adapter for monitoring audio. The 3.5mm cable splits into two 3.5mm for each earcup for the planar magnetic drivers.

Credit: John Nguyen/Nerd Reactor

One of the best things about the Audeze LCD-1 is the cable size since it’s around 6’9″ long. This is great for those working at their workstations, giving them a bit of wiggle room if they’re trying to go to hard-to-reach areas. Of course, if you’re hooking this up to your phone, then it won’t be an issue. The fabric braided cord is also a plus to reduce tangles.


The Audeze LCD-1 is marketed as having memory foam earpads and a lightweight design, but in the end, it didn’t matter because the construction resulted in a tighter squeeze on my head. (I have a big head.) The foam on the pads did not feel comfortable at all, and the size of the earpads is a tight squeeze on the ears. It’s not recommended to wear these for long periods of time, especially for those who like to game, and it always feels like a relief when I pull the earpads away from my ears after a short session.

Credit: John Nguyen/Nerd Reactor

Audio Quality

With the planar magnetic drivers from Audeze, does it actually make audio better? Not quite. You can still get stellar sound with dynamic drivers for cheaper. The LCD-1 is still no slouch, but with the price tag, it also doesn’t blow our minds since the bass isn’t as heavy, the highs aren’t super crisp, and the mids sound a bit cluttered. It’s definitely a disappointment when my cheaper headphones sound better than this.

Final Reaction

The Auduze LCD-1 headphones have a sleek aesthetic, but for the MSRP of $399, it leaves a lot to be desired. There are better headphones for cheaper, and while there’s some good with the LCD-1, the cons outweigh the pros.

Score: 2.5/5 Atoms

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