Madison Beer, (G)I-DLE, Jaira Burns, more announced in K/DA’s upcoming EP, ‘All Out,’ from League of Legends

K/DA, the virtual pop band from League of Legends, recently teased its upcoming EP, “All Out,” and fans had a taste of it with the recent single, “The Baddest.” The latest track featured (G)I-DLE, Bea Miller and Wolftyla, but many fans were wondering what happened to Madison Beer and Jaira Burns?

The two portrayed Evelynn and Kai’Sa in the hit sensation, “Pop/Stars,” respectively, and with them being absent in “The Baddest,” some fans thought that Beer was moving on from the group. Beer did confirm that she is working with Riot Games again and responded that she couldn’t reveal much due to contractual obligations. Well, we have some good news. In addition to Beer and Burns returning to K/DA, the list of other collaborators have been announced for “All Out.”

Due to a preview of “Villain” leaking earlier, Beer confirmed that she is back as Evelynn while also revealing why she couldn’t say anything about her involvement during her Instagram Live. For the song, she partners up with Kim Petras, who we’re guessing will sing as Kai’Sa. Beer has been very positive about her experience with League of Legends, so fans should be happy to hear about this news.

Check out the list of collaborators below.

  • THE BADDEST: (G)I-DLE, Bea Miller, Wolftyla
  • MORE: Madison Beer, (G)I-DLE, Lexie Liu, Jaira Burns, Seraphine
  • VILLAIN: Madison Beer, Kim Petras
  • I’LL SHOW YOU: TWICE, Bekuh BOOM, Annika Wells
  • DRUM GO DUM: Aluna, Wolftyla, Bekuh BOOM

(G)I-DLE will be working on two songs for the K/DA EP, with Madison Beer having two songs. For fans who want to see (G)I-DLE, Madison Beer and Jaira Burns back together, “More” is the track to look out for.

Madison Beer and Kim Petras will get a song all for themselves titled “Villains,” and it’s looking like we’ll get to see what Evelynn and Kai’Sa are up to when others aren’t around.

K/DA consists of characters from League of Legends to form a virtual pop group including Ahri, Kai’Sa, Akali and Evelynn. “Pop/Stars” reached the top of the iTunes chart, Billboard, and has over 160 million listens on Spotify and over 380 million views on YouTube.

“All Out” will be available on November 6, 2020.

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