Rogue Company shaping up to be a solid game (Beta Impressions)

The Closed Beta is underway for Hi-Rez’s newest game Rogue Company. A few months back, I was lucky enough to get invited to the Alpha to get a first look at the game. Though I was unable to speak about the game, I wasn’t too impressed. Now that the Closed Beta has arrived, a lot of changes and updates have been released to better enhance the game. It’s clearly a whole new experience from what I have played, and it seems like Hi-Rez is pushing to make this their next big hit.

What Is Rogue Company?

Rogue Company is a tactical arena shooter. You choose your Hero or Rogue, and team up with others against another team of Rogues in a variety of 4×4 matches. Each Rogue is designed to provide a unique experience in the match. Equipped with their own set of upgradeable skills and weapons, no two Rogues play the same, so it may take a few matches until you find the one that suits you.

The game modes are simple and straightforward, each set in the Attack/Defend setup. Demolition requires that you either plant the bomb, or eliminate the team before they can plant the bomb. Once the bomb is armed, you have a short amount of time to defend or disarm it. Extraction is similar to Demolition, except that the objective is to capture a neutral location. Capturing the location or eliminating the enemy team wins the round. The third mode is Strikeout and probably the most fun of the three. Each team has a set amount of respawns, and you win by eliminating the other squad.


I have to say that it was very easy to feel like the Rogue Company Alpha wasn’t good. But after playing the Beta for a while, I can say that perhaps I was a bit too harsh. It’s easily a good mix of the arena shooter with the attack/defend tactical gameplay. The most challenging part of Rogue Company is getting used to the available Rogues. Since each one is unique, they also come with their own set of weapons and skills. To balance this out, each Rogue has two main weapons to choose from, so you won’t be stuck with just a sniper or just a shotgun. With enough money, you can switch between the two main weapons between rounds.

The game itself plays heavy on teamwork and tactical offense/defense. Utilizing the Rogues special abilities (traps, etc) helps. But teamwork wins matches. Being able to crouch, sprint and roll all add to the strategy needed to not only survive, but win. And since it’s set in a 3rd-person perspective, you have a good view of your surroundings. I often find myself playing Strikeout the most since it feels like a traditional deathmatch mode in an attack/defense mode. Being able to jump back into action is sometimes better than sitting there waiting for the round to end.

Final Reaction

It wouldn’t be fair to give Rogue Company a score just yet. It’s still in closed beta with lots of changes being made. Like, what happened to the Wingman 2×2 game mode? It doesn’t play perfectly, but it’s pretty close to a finished game. There’s a lot to come from Rogue Company, with new Rogues and maps being consistently added. The final product may look and feel different, but for now, it’s a solid game with a solid foundation of what to expect from Rogue Company. If you get a beta key, jump in. If you’re really interested in Rogue Company, it’s worth the purchase of the founder’s pack.

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