Metal Gear Solid games now available on GOG

The Metal Gear games are beloved by many with its compelling characters and plots with twists and turns. (Sometimes a bit too much.) With Hideo Kojima no longer a part of Konami, it’s been a sad day for the future of the Metal Gear Solid franchise. Luckily, the previous games are still there for fans whether they’re playing them on the PlayStation or other consoles. Today, a few of the Metal Gear games are available on GOG, giving you a chance to replay or play for the first time on the PC.

The three Metal Gear games are now available on GOG, with the first one being Metal Gear, which was released in 1987 for the MSX home computers. This is the game that started it all, and it introduced us to Solid Snake, a soldier who will have to face the iconic Big Boss.

The second game is Metal Gear Solid, which premiered in 1998 on the PlayStation. This is the game that made Solid Snake really popular as he takes down Foxhound and its leader, Liquid Snake.

The third game is Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance, a version that’s fully playable on modern computers. The expanded version will have players controlling Solid Snake and Raiden on a mission to stop Solidus Snake from taking over the world.

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