Mother of Frankenstein: An immersive gaming experience at home

Credit: Hatch Escapes

Escape rooms are one of our favorite activities that we love to do here at Nerd Reactor. One of the games by Hatch Escapes had us feeling like a labrat by actually building a giant set and props. However, once quarantine hit, it put a damper on the hobby. There are escape room creators who have turned to online escape rooms to immerse us. As for Hatch Escapes, the team has partnered up with Arvind Ethan David (Broadway’s Jagged Little Pill, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency) to create Mother of Frankenstein, an immersive gaming experience at home.

Credit: Hatch Escapes

Mother Frankenstein offers an immersive and story-driven tabletop game, and today, it has launched on Kickstarter. Although you won’t get to experience this at an actual location, it will bring immersive theater, escape room, board game and novel to you and your friends and family.

Synopsis: Mother of Frankenstein is a gothic mystery that begins with the true life story of Mary Shelley, author of the iconic Frankenstein. It expands into a speculative story full of heartbreak, suspense and surprise.

Credit: Hatch Escapes

The game will span three volumes, and inside the hollowed-out books are handwritten letters, 2D and 3D jigsaw puzzles, and clue-strewn artifacts. It Mother of Frankenstein combines history and fiction to blend a tale that feels as if you’re actually part of Mary Shelley’s journey. Your group’s mission is to uncover the mystery behind Frankenstein and popular novel.

The game is made for newbies and enthusiasts and is recommended for groups of 1 to 6, ages 13 and up.

For more information, you can visit the Kickstarter page.

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