OMEN Vector Wireless Mouse Review

It has been almost 2 years since I have reviewed the OMEN Mindframe headset, and after a couple of years, I was curious to see how much OMEN had improved upon its previous products. The latest and greatest product is the OMEN Vector Wireless Mouse, and I have been using it for a couple of weeks now. Here is what you need to know.

Wireless vs Wired

While “wired” has always reigned supreme, “wireless” will always be the most convenient option since clean desk space is everything. Going wireless is easy, but for a gamer, it’s not that simple. Latency will quickly bring the wired mouse back to the desk. In intense moments, timing is everything. A single hiccup or non-responsive movement can end the fun immediately.

So how fast and reliable does a wireless mouse need to be for a gamer? Well, if it is any slower than a wired connection, that’s too slow. OMEN knows this and used a 2.4Ghz wireless connection with a ~1ms polling rate by using the PixArt PAW3335 wireless sensor. This newer wireless version of the product connects via a low profile USB dongle but loses no speed or accuracy. It doesn’t stop there either.

This wireless Vector also touts a long battery-life with insanely fast charging. Even charging the Vector for 30 seconds will provide ~1 hour of gameplay. At a full charge, the Vector will last ~180 hours (90 minutes to full charge). Needless to say, with the ultra-low response time, long battery life and quick charging, it’s hard not to switch to wireless.

Look, Feel, and Functionality

The wireless version of the Vector is just like the wired version in terms of look, feel, and functionality. It is a fairly light, mid-sized mouse. The clicks feel satisfying. The scroll wheel is nice and quiet, but the dampers they used to silence the scroll doesn’t provide the certainty I had hoped.

In shooters, there were times when I was switching weapons with the scroll wheel, and it didn’t feel like I had effectively scrolled in order for the game to recognize the command. This can be frustrating. This is more of a personal preference, but I would prefer a more satisfying click similar to the other buttons on the Vector.

In addition to the left, right, and scroll click, there are 2 buttons located on the left side of the Vector. As mentioned before, these work the same as the wired version of the Vector and can also be programmed. The button assignments, DPI settings, and RGB lighting can all be controlled from the OMEN Command Center app.

Command Center

The OMEN Command Center app is found in the Microsoft App Store. I honestly wish more companies would utilize the app store, as I hate navigating websites to find their downloads and software. The app allows full control of the 2 LED lighting zones including effects like breathing and custom color cycles.

The button assignments allow for some advanced settings. Basically, my wish is its command. While there are a limited amount of buttons on the Vector, I couldn’t find a command I couldn’t program. The DPI settings are straight forward with 4 different DPI profiles that can be set and cycled through with the dedicated DPI button located below the scroll wheel. DPI can be set from a range of 100-16000DPI, and additional specs can be found below.


Since the USB dongle has a low profile, it can be stored underneath the mouse in a magnetic slot. This keeps it from sliding out when traveling or using it in wired mode. The whole process of using it wired or in wireless modes is easy since it is a plug-and-play setup. The USB Type-C is what helps provide the fast charging, but also future proofs the device.

A USB Type-A to USB Type-C adapter is included with the Vector for those that may need it. The on/off switch is also located under the Vector. It is also easy to know when it is on, even if you disable the LED lighting because the switch is painted green when on. The movement is incredibly smooth and quiet enough that no one will complain about the noise, even if you play without a mouse pad. However, I wouldn’t recommend that.

The Vector is very ergonomic and the smooth and textured plastic is very satisfying. It’s about as premium as plastic can get, keeping it light and dissipating heat quickly. Adding some metal components would make it feel even more premium, but I can’t really complain too much because I do like the build quality regardless.

Final Reaction

I feel comfortable replacing my wired mouse with the OMEN Vector Wireless Mouse. After adjusting the DPI to my preference and button assignments, my only complaint is the scroll wheels “click surety.” I found at times I wasn’t confident with the scroll to change weapons in shooter games.

In the end, I am most impressed with the reliable ultra-low latency, long internal battery life, and a very fast quick charge. It feels so satisfying to get rid of another wire from my desk. Clean workspaces provide peace of mind, and it’s always great to remove any distractions while gaming.

Score: 4.5/5 Atoms


  • Sensor: PixArt PAW3335 Wireless Sensor
  • Tracking accuracy: 99%
  • Connectivity: Wireless USB / Wired USB
  • Buttons:6 Programmable buttons
  • DPI: 100 – 16,000 (Default 1,600)
  • Acceleration: 40G max
  • Tracking speed: 400 IPS
  • Polling rate: Default report rate: 1ms (can be programmed to 1ms, 2ms,4ms, 8ms by OMEN Command Center)
  • Orientation: Sculpted right hand
  • Grip style: Palm or claw
  • LED: Custom lighting through OMEN Command Center
  • Switch lifetime: Left and Right Switch – Omron 50 million lifetime switches
  • Unpackaged product weight: 0.23 lb (0.106 kg)
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