CSC, casual-friendly space MMO game, officially launches

CSC is a free-to-play casual-friendly space MMO game made for hardcore and casual gamers, and it has now left Steam Early Access. With the CSC Season 1: Expansion Wars, players will get to pilot Star Trek starships including the USS Enterprise and the USS Discovery.

Now available on Steam, CSC features a huge selection of ships, weapons, and tools where you can fight enemies and explore space. Missions are quick and won’t take forever, and the player economy features valuable in-game items.

Season 1: Expansion Wars will have weeks of in-game events, a new star system, new missions, and new starships. With the Star Trek: Discovery crossover event, expect many ships featured in the series to be available including the USS Discovery and USS Shenzhou. The event will last 6 weeks starting on September 3rd and coincides with the premiere of the series’ third season on October 15th on CBS All Access.

CSC launches with over 50 star systems, with plans of introducing 300 more in the future for mining and hunting. In addition, the blockchain economy allows for earning and selling in-game items in the in-game marketplace or public blockchain.

“We’re excited to make the vast and thrilling CSC universe available to all gamers on Steam today. Our team set out to take the deep and complex elements of traditional space MMOs and offer a new world with quicker missions to explore, mine, craft, and battle, in an ever-expanding sandbox experience. We’re excited to kick off that experience today,” said Fazri Zubair, Lucid Sight co-founder.

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