Gotham Knights dazzles as WB Montreal pulls no punches in new gameplay trailer

DC FanDome is an event that is new to the scene. Birthed from the effects of the Coronavirus, DC FanDome is the online equivalent to Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con. Warner Brothers Montreal has been listed as presenters when the schedule dropped, but no one really knew what they had planned.

Many, myself included, believed it to be a new Batman game about the Court of Owls. In the end, we were mostly correct, but WB Montreal caught everyone off guard. The game is a Batman game and involves the Court of Owls, but not exactly with Batman in it.

It began with a trailer showing that Bruce Wayne/Batman had died in an explosion, and a death message was immediately sent to those closest to him. It went to Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Robin. Bruce explained that if they have received that message, it is because he has been killed. Along with the message being sent automatically, the Batcave was also destroyed. It is now left to these allies to protect Gotham and finish the fight.

WB Montreal caught everyone off guard when they dropped a whopping 7-minute gameplay showcase thereafter (watch below). In this 7-minute video, we have learned tons. The most notable feature is the Co-op campaign, with jump-in/jump-out options. If a player is in the middle of a fight, another player can enter the game and assist. The entire campaign supports co-op. The co-op is limited to 2 players, so be sure to pick the characters wisely.

Additionally, we got a glimpse at hit numbers. It appears that there will be player progression with attributes and abilities that can be unlocked to increase the strength and ability of the characters. This may introduce bullet sponging, which may turn some fans of the Batman series away. However, this may improve upon what the series had already built. Adding more RPG type gameplay could introduce a better co-op experience, with increased playthrough time due to some grinding.

Gotham Knights is set to release in 2021, but no specific date or quarter window was provided. We do know that Gotham Knights will be widely more playable. Seeing a release on PC, PS4, PS5, XB1, and XBSX, we can expect this game to be playable to nearly everyone as this year’s consoles are released.

No word yet on performance modes for the PS4 Pro, PS5, XB1S, or XBSX, but more will likely be revealed as both Xbox and PlayStation are due to have yet another showcase in the near future. Both still have yet to announce a price, pre-order or release date. In the end, most Batman fans are happy to see the series that this direction. These playable characters don’t get enough screen time, and will now be more beloved than ever.

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