First teaser trailer revealed for The Batman

The Batman - Robert Pattinson

Although The Batman has shot 20-25% of the movie, so far, that hasn’t stopped director Matt Reeves from giving us a lot of information about his highly-anticipated Batman movie. Here are some of the details that Reeves revealed during the DC FanDome panel:

  • The film is set during the second year of Batman’s tenure, and Matt Reeves has reiterated that this is not an origin story. “It’s a criminological experiment, and he’s figuring out what to do,” Reeves said. “He’s a growing legend, and the people [of Gotham City] fear him. He isn’t a symbol of hope that he eventually becomes.”
  • Batman has always been known as “The World’s Greatest Detective,” and The Batman will show this side of him instead of touching upon it in the previous films.
  • The Batman will also be an origin story for a lot of Batman’s rogues gallery. Matt Reeves has said multiple times that we will see versions of characters that we have never seen before
  • The “Gotham PD” television show goes deeper into the corruption of the police department and the city. The show will take place during year one of Batman, and will have their experience of this masked vigilante through their point-of-view.
  • The film is inspired by a lot of the gritty, street-grounded cop movies of the 70s. Gritty cop movies such as Roman Polanski’s Chinatown or William Friedkin’s The French Connection. Matt Reeves has also said that Taxi Driver is another inspiration in terms of the psychological aspect of the film.

If that wasn’t enough, Warner Bros has given us an amazing teaser trailer for The Batman. Check it out!

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The Batman hits theaters on October 1, 2021.

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