Rogue Company introduces new map: Vice

With the much-anticipated release for Rogue Company coming fast (rumored late 2020), Hi-Rez is hard at work to create another hit game. Just a few weeks after hitting Closed Beta, Rogue Company is getting a major update. Along with a few quality of life additions, a new map has been revealed. The new map, Vice, throws you in the Miami nightlife during the Zero Drop Rave. The new map is filled with restaurants, stores, and a giant mech with lasers and EDM music.

Check out the Vice Map Reveal below

Vice isn’t the only thing coming to Rogue Company. To better improve your aim and gain a good understanding of the weapons, a new Shooting Range mode is coming to test out your skills. The Shooting Range is its own map filled with multiple targets and obstacles to practice with.

And the last major update is the new AFK Penalty system, something that has plagued players since the Alpha. People would often quit the match without penalty, leaving your team at a disadvantage. Now offenders hitting certain criteria (quitting, AFK, etc) will be dinged with a timer before they can queue up again. It’s not perfect but it’s a start.

For more details on the new Rogue Company Update, visit here

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