KontrolFreek Omni Thumbsticks, Gaming Cable, and Performance Grips (Review)

When it comes to gaming on a console, there are tons of accessories available. However, the question to whether they actually help you game better or improve your gaming experience is debatable. KontrolFreek has made many products over the years that make these claims. Today I will review 3 of their current products. The Omni thumbsticks, the USB gaming cable, and the performance grips for console controllers.

Omni Thumbsticks

The Omni thumbsticks are essentially low-rise analog extenders. They also widen the touch base for the analog sticks as well. The wider the touch base, the less pressure on the thumb, which in my case is welcomed. After using them for a month, I hated playing without them. The low-rise does provide more precision, which is true of all analog extenders.

The Omni’s grip is soft to the touch and has a satisfying texture. The only issue I’ve experienced is that it can become very slick if you snack on food while gaming. Grease from chips or touching your face will transfer over to the grips. Taking a cloth to the grips will resolve the slippage. That said, not having a hand towel or something to clean your hands while snacking is a rookie move.

Literally my only feedback is the latch to the analog stick. When strafing right or left, and then moving the stick forward or back, it caused the Omni to spin a bit. This only really occurred in first-person shooters and is usually caused by how much tension is applied while playing. Loosening my grip a bit helped prevent this. Outside of this minor setback, they are easy to put on and I can confirm that the Omni thumbsticks positively improve comfort and performance.

Gaming Cable

This gaming cable is a 12ft USB type-A to Micro-USB. When I looked closer, I noticed several things that are a cut above the rest. Its durable design includes 100% bare copper wire with insulated conductors, and a nylon braided outer jacket. There is also a Velcro loop that is used when storing the cord. Keeps it nicely wrapped.

This build quality has lead to a strong product. Cords at 12ft long tend to get kinks or frayed over a short period of time. After much use, I can confirm that this will not be the case. I anticipate several years of consistent use before the wear and tear begin to show.

This is a high-speed data and charging cable as well. I was able to transfer data and charge Micro-USB devices as fast as they can possibly charge. I found that its best use was with Gen 2 Dualshock 4 controllers. Under device settings in the PS4, I was able to set these controllers to prioritize USB connections over Bluetooth. This cut out just about every bit of controller latency I experienced on Bluetooth. It’s highly recommended.

Performance Grips

The performance grips are textured micro-cellular foam pads for console controllers. They have a strong adhesive that holds it directly on the controller. The issue I experienced is the adhesive on the edges of the grips began to give way to pressure.

The area I had issues with was specifically where the grips almost meet up just below the analog sticks. I could consistently feel the adhesive giving way on just the edges there, and it was about as annoying as the feeling of a hangnail. After I applied additional adhesive, it wasn’t an issue anymore, but I am unsure if I will be able to get it off again.

Outside of that easily manageable issue, the performance grips are a nice touch. Literally. The padding not only provides grip but gives it a softer feel. They also keep your hands dry, which is especially nice for all those final crucial moments. You don’t want to slip at all during moments like that. The moisture does go right into the padding, however. I didn’t really feel it, but after about a month, it starts to become more apparent.

Final Reaction

All of the products are useful, but some are better than others. I highly recommend the Omni thumbsticks, as it provided the most impressionable improvement. The Gaming Cable is more for the hardcore gamer that is looking to eliminate any latency. I recommend it as well, mainly since console controller batteries die at terrible times and the Bluetooth in them can have wonky connections as well.

The performance grips are not something I found necessary. While it did provide support for hands, I cannot say that it improved the gaming experience. The Omni is priced at $14.99, the 12ft Gaming Cable is priced at $19.99, and the Performance Grips are priced at $14.99.

Omni Thumbsticks Rating: 4.5/5 Atoms

Gaming Cable Rating: 5/5 Atoms

Performance Grips Rating: 2.5/5 Atoms

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