Gorillaz releases ‘Pac-Man’ song during game’s 40th anniversary

Image credit: Gorillaz

Gorillaz is the popular virtual band with hits including “Clint Eastwood” and “Feel Good Inc.” Currently, the band has been releasing new songs each month for its Song Machine musical series featuring different artists. The group has collaborated with ScHoolboy Q for the song, “Pac-Man,” which ties perfectly to the game’s 40th anniversary.

Today, a new music video has been released that combines live-action footage of the rapper and 2D-animation of the different band members.

The “Pac-Man” music video features the gang with 2D playing the Pac-Man arcade, Russel jabbing a punching bag, Noodle turning into a Peanuts character, and Murdoc being Murdoc. The Pac-Man game features the members as ghosts, and once again we have real-life singer Damon Albarn supporting the featured rapper.

If you haven’t been following up with Gorillaz as of late, Noodle is all grown up compared to her younger self in the early years. The other members look slightly older, but for the most part they still look the same.

“Pack-Man” is the fifth episode coming out of “Song Machine” with the songs made in Kong Studios.

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