Sky ‘Season of Sanctuary’ available this week after surpassing 20 million installs

Thatgamecompany has developed beautiful and unique games including Flow, Flower and Journey. Its latest game, Sky: Children of the Light, surpassed 20 million installs from iOS and Android before its first anniversary. The game has taken simplified online communications to the next level, and as part of the one-year anniversary week, the studio is releasing a new season, “Season of Sanctuary,” on July 13th.

Described as the “summer edition” of Sky, players will get to relax on vacation-styled islands and collect items in the Daylight Prairie Realm. This is perfect for the year 2020.

In the Sanctuary Islands, players will meet the season’s characters for a ten-week-long excursion. Six ancestor spirits have come to visit from Prairie, and to see all the magic, you’ll need to bring them together.

Sky has simplified communication to emotes and other gestures, and this encourages online friendship. Six new expressions will be available including a new “Stance and “Call,” six new hairstyles, four new capes, two new masks, one new accessory, two new pants, a new instrument, two new music sheets, and a new seasonal pendant.

The Anniversary Event runs from July 13-July 19, and to get the bespoke “1 Year Anniversary Hat Gift, exchange three hearts. There are other surprises waiting for you.

Check out the other events below:

  • Double Treasure Candles (July 13-July 19): The currently active ‘Double Treasure Candle’ event is now extended to July 19th. Track down the bumper red candle clusters. There are eight in total.
  • Double Seasonal Light Event (July 13-July 19): This special event will be included alongside the new season so players can enjoy twice the seasonal light nodes in the daily realm. Make sure you forge the extra seasonal candle each day!

Expect to see past ancestors back to help players build friendships and unlock items. There’s also a merchant on the shores, offering players a way to visit the Sky Shop.

Sky: Children of the Light is a free-to-start game the App Store and Google Play. The game is coming to Nintendo Switch and other consoles.

The “Season of Sanctuary” is available for $9.99, and you can gift the game to others with the three-pack bundle at $19.99 in the Sky app.

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