Netflix releases trailer for CG-animated film, Over the Moon

OVER THE MOON - (Pictured) "Fei Fei" (voiced by Cathy Ang) overlooking the land of Lunaria.  © 2020 Netflix, Inc.
“Fei Fei” (voiced by Cathy Ang) overlooking the land of Lunaria. Credit: Netflix

With Klaus, Netflix produced a hit animated film for the whole family, and the streaming service isn’t stopping there. It has recently released the teaser trailer for Over the Moon, a story of a young girl who wants to prove that the legendary Moon Goddess exists by building a rocket ship to the moon. Additionally, the key art has also debuted.

Pearl Studios is a Shanghai-based animation studio behind Over the Moon, known for co-producing DreamWorks Animation’ Abominable.

The upcoming Netflix film brought Disney legend Glen Keane on board as the director, who’s known for designing and animating Ariel in The Little Mermaid. He also worked as a supervising animator for Beast in Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and Pocahontas.

OVER THE MOON - (L-R) "Father" (voiced by John Cho), "Fei Fei" (voiced by Cathy Ang) and "Mother" (voiced by Ruthie Ann Miles).  © 2020 Netflix, Inc.
(L-R) “Father” (voiced by John Cho), “Fei Fei” (voiced by Cathy Ang) and “Mother” (voiced by Ruthie Ann Miles). Credit: Netflix

Joining as co-director is John Kahrs, who worked on the romantic black-and-white animated short, “Paperman.” It was shown in front of Wreck-It Ralph and won for Best Animated Short in the 2013 Oscars.

The voice cast includes Cathy Ang as Fei Fei, Phillipa Soo as Chang’e, Robert G. Chiu as Chin, Ken Jeong as Gobi, John Cho as Dad, Ruthie Ann Miles as Mom, Margaret Cho as Auntie Ling, Kimiko Glenn as Auntie Mei, Artt Butler as Uncle, and Sandra Oh as Mrs. Zhong.

Over the Moon will feature songs by Christopher Curtis (Chaplin), Marjorie Duffield, and Helen Park (KPOP) with Steven Price (Gravity) attached as the composer.

The film is written by Audrey Wells (The Hate U Give) and produced by Gennie Rim (Dear Basketball) and Peilin Chou (Abominable, Kung Fu Panda 3). Keane also serves as executive producer along with Janet Yang (The Joy Luck Club), Ruigang Li, Frank Zhu, and Thomas Hui.

Over the Moon will be released on Netflix this fall.

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