Pyramid Head is now terrorizing Dead by Daylight in Silent Hill chapter

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Silent Hill is one of the most popular horror franchises out there with many video games and films under its blade. Now it has made its way into the popular asymmetrical 4v1 horror game, Dead by Daylight, as the 16th chapter.

The Silent Hill chapter brings new survivor Cheryl Mason and new killer Pyramid Head as part of the DLC package. Midwich Elementary School will be available to all players for free.

Cheryl Mason

Dead by Daylight Cheryl Mason

Cheryl Mason is the new survivor in the Silent Hill chapter of Dead by Daylight. She was the protagonist in Silent Hill 3 and was known as Heather. She has stumbled upon a new nightmare from the Entity after escaping the grasp of the religious cult, which has been hunting her since the beginning of the first Silent Hill game.

Cheryl comes with the Soul Guard perk, allowing her to gain the Endurance status effect by recovering or being healed from the dying state. When cursed with a hex, she’ll be able to fully recover from the dying state.

Blood Pact allows her and the Obsession to see each other’s auras if either of them is injured. If she heals or is healed by the Obsession, she’ll gain the Haste status effect for a short period. Blood Pact will also reduce the odds of becoming the Obsession, but if she becomes one, the perk will be deactivated.

Repressed Alliance will activate if she repairs a generator for a while. Once active, press the Active Ability button while working on the generator to have the Entity cover it. It will then deactivate, and the generator’s aura will be shown to all the Survivors.

Pyramid Head

Known as the Executioner, this Pyramid Head is different from the one featured in the Silent Hill games. How so? For one thing, he moves really fast. (Personally, I like the slow-moving Pyramid Head.) Always seen with his giant blade, this supernatural killer comes from the town’s dark past.

Pyramid Head comes with the Rites of Judgement move where he can slash the ground with his giant knife, leaving a trail of deadly debris. If a survivor walks past it, their position will be revealed for a short time, and they will be affected by Torment. If they have Torment and are a victim of the Dying State, they can be sent to the Cage of Atonement. Pyramid Head also comes with a wave attack when the Rites of Judgement is active. There’s the option of an instant kill called Final Judgement if a Survivor has been hooked twice and is in a Dying State with Torment.

There are three perks for Pyramid Head. Forced Penance has a Survivor getting the Broken status effect if they take a protection hit. Trail of Torment allows the killer to become Undetectable for a short period after kicking a generator. This can entice all Survivors since they will see the damaged generator’s aura. Deathbound makes the Survivor scream if they are healing someone and are out of range from the killer. The Oblivious status effect will be given to the healer if they are far away from the recently healed person.

“For our 4th anniversary, we are partnering with Konami to bring Silent Hill into Dead by Daylight,” notes Mathieu Côté, Game Director on Dead by Daylight and Product Evangelist for Behaviour Interactive. “This is an intensely emotional moment for us, we are both incredibly humbled and filled with pride. Silent Hill is a cultural reference, a significant part of video games history and now it’s part of our game. You can see that love for the license in so many details of this chapter.”

“Silent Hill is such an iconic horror video game franchise and to have it be a part of Dead by Daylight is such a milestone for us,” mentions Dave Richard, Creative Director. “It was our greatest joy and challenge to do the Silent Hill universe justice. I am incredibly proud of the work we have done,  and the players’ responses have been beyond our expectations. Silent Hill broke records as our most played Chapter in the Public Test  Build! I can’t wait to see what our community at large will think of this Chapter – and I’ll be playing along with them!”

There’s a limited time offer for the Silent Hill Edition where it will include the game, the Silent Hill Chapter, and very rare outfits for Pyramid Head and Cheryl Mason. They will be able to customize their characters from the Silent Hill games including Alessa Gillespie, Lisa Garland, or Robbie the Rabbit.

Dead by Daylight’s Silent Hill chapter is now available on Steam, Windows Store, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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