HyperX ChargePlay Clutch Charging Controller Grips for Mobile (Review)

Whether you like it or not, mobile gaming is real, and it is growing rapidly. The HyperX ChargePlay Clutch is just one example of its growth. Even developers are adapting to this relatively new environment, and phone manufacturers are as well. Optimized on-screen controls and gameplay, and high-end chipsets with 16GB RAM, 90Hz screens, and high-flow venting systems are creating a future for mobile gaming. One area for vast improvement is holding the phone. Screen to body ratios are getting smaller, so how are you supposed to hold your phone?

You might buy a clip for their Xbox or PlayStation controller to hold their phone, but what about games that don’t have controller support? Even a Razer Junglecat would be uncomfortable if you had to use on-screen controls. HyperX has seen this need and created a grip for nearly all mobile devices. Let’s take a look at how useful it could be.


The HyperX ChargePlay Clutch Charging Controller Grips, which for obvious reasons will be referred to as the ChargePlay Clutch for the rest of this review, have thoughtful designs for convenience. The shape has a DualShock 4 roundness, but the vertical design is closer to an Xbox One controller. Since the ChargePlay Clutch holds the phone in place with a clamp-like tension, it is easy to use. Just slide open, place phone in, and release to hold in place (129mm-172mm clamp range). The grips are placed just wide enough from the phone to provide a natural location for the movement controls. It’s about the same distance as a DualShock 4 left analog stick.

As you can tell from the image of the ChargePlay Clutch, there are no physical buttons for gaming on it, and there is some room to play with. For example, there is a slot cut out of each side on the handles. This provides access to plugging in headphones or charging your phone via USB or Lightning cable. This is very thoughtful, as not every phone has wireless charging, and not everyone wants to hear what you are playing.

You heard me right. Wireless charging. If your phone can charge wirelessly, then you can charge your phone while you play. This is especially useful for battery eating mobile games. There’s no need to find an outlet to sit by at the airport. The battery is magnetically held in place, which makes it incredibly easy to take off and charge it. All of this without losing the ability to play with the grips while the ChargePlay Clutch battery charges.

Uses and Features

When it comes to use, you will get a better experience with a console controller, if the game supports it. This also depends on how well the developers incorporate controller support. Some games are smoother than others. In the case where controller support is not available or programmed poorly, the ChargePlay Clutch performs with excellence.

Using the ChargePlay Clutch for apps outside of gaming is a case by case basis. It is useful for any apps that you may need to hold in a landscape mode (ie. mostly productivity apps like Excel). It won’t do well with Netflix and other streaming services, as you cannot prop the phone at an angle; it will fall flat on its back.

The battery an easy to use Qi-certified wireless charger. As mentioned before, it is held on magnetically. There is never a feeling or scenario that was experienced when the battery would fall off unintentionally.  If your phone doesn’t support this kind of wireless charging, you can easily plug the battery into your phone via USB or Lightning cable. Charging the battery is simple too.

More Details

You can use a wireless charger or micro-USB to recharge the battery. It uses a 3000mAh battery, but the amount of time it lasts depends on your phone’s capabilities. This test was done with a OnePlus 7 Pro (4000mAh), and the ChargePlay Clutch nearly doubled the normal battery life.

There is a physical button on the battery, but it is simply an on/off switch for charging. There are also 4 LED lights located next to the power button. This is to indicate the remaining charge within the battery. The only improvement HyperX could really add to this device would be a fast charge battery option.

The ChargePlay Clutch battery charges on a wired connection at a 3A maximum, but it will charge your phone at 1.5A when wired. Wireless charging works up to 5W. The hope is that your phone’s battery doesn’t drain from a game faster than it takes to charge.

Final Reaction

The HyperX ChargePlay Clutch Charging Controller Grips are a glimpse of truly mobile-focused gaming gear. In the future, there will likely be an updated version, when nearly all games have controller support, but most games do not at this time. Whether you are a heavy or casual mobile gamer, the ChargePlay Clutch will suit you well.  It’s very durable and comfortable in the hand, and it’s way better than trying to hold the phone with your hands.

Rating: 5/5 Atoms

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