Neon Future Vol 2 Issue 1

Neon Future is a sci-fi comic book series created by EDM producer Steve Aoki, writer Jim Krueger, and Impact Theory founder Tom Bilyeu. The comic features Aoki as Kita, the leader of a resistance group called Neon Future who only wants to make the world a better place with technology.

Volume 1 of Neon Future is finished, and this week, the first issue of the second volume has finally been released. In this futuristic world, Augments, those with technology installed into their bodies, are at war with the Authentics, those without it. Now it’s up to a reluctant hero and former Authentic, Clay Campbell, to save the day. The problem? He has been resurrected as an Augment and on the run.

In Neon Future Volume 2 Issue 1, Clay finds himself in a digital world that’s tearing his mind apart. His rival, the mysterious Hacker, is hellbent on getting what he wants, and that’s bad news for him and his group.

Check out the preview panels and covers below for Neon Future Volume 2 Issue 1.

The comic book publisher is planning ahead to integrate with vertical-scroll, digital platforms like Webtoon. Neon Future Vol. 2 will also be available on the Impact Theory site and Comixology, with a physical trade paperback in the works.

You can get the latest issue at the Impact Theory site.

Neon Future Vol. 2, Issue #1 Synopsis:

Hit indie sci-fi series Neon Future returns with 6 new heart-pounding issues! The first installment opens with our hero, Clay Campbell, fighting for his life while trapped in a digital nightmare, where the mysterious Hacker attempts to crack into his mind. And if the Hacker succeeds, Clay knows all of his friends back in the real world will die. Brought to you by DJ/Producer Steve Aoki and artists Neil Edwards (Superman, Justice League, X-Men) and Jheremy Raapack (Injustice).

Neon Future synopsis:

Thirty years from now the US is in the grips of an economic crisis. A cold war brews between the Augmented, who have integrated technology into their bodies, and the Authentic, who have not. This tension erupts into violence when the world’s most famous anti-tech crusader, Clay Campbell, dies under suspicious circumstances and is resurrected with illegal neural technology. Rejected by his family, hunted by the government, and unable to control his terrifying new powers, Clay must seek help from the man he hates most – Kita Sovee – the mysterious leader of the hi-tech resistance movement known as Neon Future.”

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