Review: Allett’s Slim Leather ID Wallet with RFID blocking

Photo: John Nguyen/Nerd Reactor

Allett is known as the originators of the “World’s Thinnest Wallet,” and its wallets are perfect for those wanting to go out in public and not worry about their wallets bulging out of their pants. The company started in 1995 and has been making wallets in San Diego, CA. We had the chance to check out one of their RFID blocking wallets.

The Allett Slim Leather ID Wallet with RFID blocking is thin and light and made out of nappa leather and nylon. With the RFID blocking, it can protect your RFID card from being accidentally accessed or read by a thief.


Photo: John Nguyen/Nerd Reactor

The leather used for the Allet wallet has a nice and smooth surface. Since it is thin, it doesn’t feel as bulky as the traditional thick leather wallet. It is a thin wallet, so I suggest not jamming all your cards inside it. But it is capable of holding 10 cards.

I try to keep things light, and the ID wallet consists of my driver’s license, two credit cards, two rewards cards, a gift card, some bills, and a cleaning cloth for my glasses. With all of these items, the wallet still feels thin and light.

Photo: John Nguyen/Nerd Reactor

The wallet does include a nylon divider, which is a great way to organize your cash or other miscellaneous items. I use it to separate my cash and my cleaning cloth. It’s a neat addition while still feeling thin. However, some might have an issue with an extra layer of thickness for a thin wallet.

Bulging pockets are a bad look for your pants, and I wanted to see if the Allett wallet would stick out. It’s designed for the front pocket, and the best way to test it out is on a pair of skinny pants. If it’s not as noticeable on skinny pants, then other pants would definitely NOT have that issue. I tested this on my pair of cotton/polyester skinny pants, and while it doesn’t eliminate the bulge entirely, it’s also not as noticeable. I did notice that if you were to wear it under direct sunlight, the shadows would be more pronounced. So keep that in mind.

RFID Blocking

Photo: John Nguyen/Nerd Reactor

The RFID Blocking material is located inside the wallet’s exterior, and I went to test it out on an ATM with an RFID reader. I placed an RFID card inside the wallet and tapped the wallet towards the reader. The wallet worked as advertised, and the reader couldn’t read the card.

Even though it can block the RFID, there are shortcuts to having the RFID reader interact with your card without having to take it out of your wallet. Simply open up your wallet and tap the inside towards the reader. The inside of the wallet doesn’t have the RFID blocking material, and that’s perfect for those wanting to tap their card as quickly as possible. Other than that, close the wallet to ensure extra protection.

The Allett Slim Leather ID Wallet with RFID Blocking is 4 1/8″ x 3 1/2″ and weighs .9 ounce. It’s made locally with globally sourced materials.

Allett Wallets come with a one-year warranty, with returns and exchanges being free.

Final Reaction

Allett delivers on a very light and thin wallet, and it’s not as noticeable when placed inside your front pocket. It’s still preferable to place it on the back pocket if you’re wearing tighter pants. The RFID is a nice feature for blocking out readers.

The Allett Slim Leather ID Wallet with RFID Blocking is now available on Amazon and

Score: 4.5/5 Atoms

The wallet was provided by Allett for review purposes.

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