6 Minecraft with RTX worlds show off ray tracing

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Ray tracing has many gamers excited with its rendering of realistic lighting effects. Games that have been utilizing the technology include Control, Metro Exodus, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and many more. Of all the games listed, there is one game that looks very promising with ray tracing, and that’s Minecraft. It was announced by Microsoft and Nvidia that Minecraft with RTX Beta for Windows 10 will be released on April 16, 2020. In addition, there will be 6 new worlds available from creators showing off the power of ray tracing.

Minecraft with RTX Beta will allow players with GeForce RTX GPUs to experience Minecraft in a new way. New features include fully path-traced rendering, physically-based materials, and NVIDIA DLSS 2.0.

The beta announcement trailer really shows off Minecraft with RTX. Worlds are more vibrant thanks to the lighting and reflections.

Minecraft creators were brought on board to help create worlds that would show off the RTX tech. These will be available in the in-game Minecraft Marketplace for free.

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1. Aquatic Adventure RTX

It’s time to go under the sea with “Aquatic Adventure.” It’s created by Dr_Bond, who has been a Minecraft creator since 2013. The world is filled with all sorts of activities including puzzle-solving and discovering the beauty of the underwater world. At the center of it all is a colorful palace, and ray tracing effects include god-rays penetrating the sea and the light rays being reflected on the ocean floor.

“We’ve had RT shaders in the community for such a long time, but to have something infinitely more powerful and robust to me was the true highlight of working with ray tracing in Minecraft with RTX. The reflections and refractions were especially beautiful, and I had tons of fun experimenting with colored lights underwater to see my projects in a different light. Literally.” – Dr_Bond

2. Of Temples and Totems RTX

Want to go on an adventure that reminds you of Indiana Jones? Then “Of Temples and Totems” is the world for you. The jungle world is designed by Razzleberries and her team. There are five temples, each having its own mystery and element filled with puzzles, traps, and enemies. To bring peace to the local village, you must search for the ancient totems.

The beams from the sun can be seen through openings in the jungle. And there are elephants available for transportation.

“Designing a whole adventure experience from the ground up with my team has to be the most satisfying thing ever. What made ray tracing so cool was being able to properly configure materials to interact with lighting in a realistic way that helps bring out the expectations of how the material would really look. Ray tracing will allow map makers and builders to highlight points of interest in their maps, using light to draw the eye.” – RazzleberryFox, CEO of Razzleberries

3. Crystal Palace RTX

“Crystal Palace” is an abandoned fantasy castle filled with mystery, treasure, and a village. It’s created by GeminiTay, who has been creating since 2013. The world will show off RTX features including ray-traced shadows, reflective water, real-time caustics, and other ray-tracing lighting effects.

“RTX in Minecraft really changes the way I think about building in Minecraft altogether. You now have access to the most powerful building tool, light. Using this light to create meaningful scenes and beautiful maps is so incredible. You get to think about the shadow, the rays, where your windows will be, and how the colors will interact. These are things that previously were not thought about nearly enough in the game!

Ray tracing brings Minecraft up a level. The game currently has a very iconic look to it, and without disrupting this, RTX has managed to add a level of depth and detail that I previously couldn’t have even imagined. This allows us to think about the way we create in the game differently. Map designers are going to love this.” – GeminiTay

4. Imagination Island RTX

Imagination Island is one giant theme park shows off Minecraft with RTX. It’s created by a group called BlockWorks, which was formed in 2013 by Minecraft designers and builders. The team has creators spanning the globe, and with their expertise, they work together in creating all sorts of projects.

Imagination Island RTX is a theme park with four different lands that is interactive. Exploring the park will have you discovering Easter eggs.

“Ray tracing shone a new light on building Minecraft environments, quite literally! It really expanded the creative possibilities of the game, and changed the way we think about what a great Minecraft build is. Although it’s the same game with the same blocks, being inside an environment with ray tracing is a completely different experience.” – BlockWorks

5. Color, Light and Shadow RTX

The Color, Light and Shadow world utilizes colors in unique ways. Created by PearlescentMoon, the world will allow players to play with real-time ray tracing. For example, the prism room will have you mixing ray-traced lighting, allowing you to blend colors on the fly. Global illumination, color theory, reflections and more are featured.

“I will always say that I believe ray tracing will improve gameplay functionality and level design in maps. The environment and visual impact that ray tracing allows via improved textures and lighting manipulation opens it up for so many possibilities; as exemplified in my RTX Showcase map. As a player that mains in creative building, I have a high interest in how small details can impact a build in such large ways.” – PearlescentMoon

6. Neon District RTX

Neon District is a popular Java Edition cyberpunk world that that has been ported to Windows 10. With Cyberpunk 2077 coming out later this year, it’s a perfect time to take in the sights before you head to Night City. Since it’s called Neon District, expect to see a variety of lights and color that glows thanks to the power of RTX. Additionally, the world will be brought to life with holograms and the city being reflected on the bay. It’s created by Elysium Fire, known for creating time-lapse videos on YouTube.

“RTX will make us (as Minecrafters) rediscover the game graphically. We think this is a good thing because it will bring realism and a new approach to the way of building in Minecraft, because we can now play with lighting effects, shadows and textures.” – Elysium Fire

Bonus: Razzleberries RTX Texture Showcase

The 6 worlds allow Minecrafters to explore Minecraft with RTX, and to really get into the mindset of creating worlds, Nvidia and Razzleberries have collaborated for the RTX Texture Showcase. It’ll be available from the Minecraft Wiki, and you’ll be able to check out how ray tracing will affect different types of blocks, entities and biomes in a museum-like setting.

Minecraft with RTX Beta will be available on April 16, 2020, for Windows 10.

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