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Nerd Reactor Mega Modz PS4 Controller

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Macro controllers are a godsend for gamers who want more out of their video games. The additional buttons on the controller can improve your gaming; for example, one can move the camera and reload at the same time or aim and jump simultaneously in a match. This is perfect for games like Fortnite, Apex Legends, Modern Warfare, and other first-person shooters. Mega Modz has been in the business since 2012, and it has a new controller available called the Mega Modz Macro Remap PS4 Controller.

The Mega Modz Macro Remap PS4 Controller uses the official DualShock 4 controller as its base. Through the Mega Modz site, you can customize your controller so that it has a unique look and feel. Do you want the directional pad and face buttons changed into a different color like Green, Blue, Red, Silver, etc? Mega Modz has you covered. This applies to the “Home” button, thumbsticks, and front body. For our The Mega Modz Macro Remap PS4 Controller, we decided to get “Chrome Silver” for the D-pads, face buttons, and home button. With the thumbsticks, we chose aluminum silver.

The buttons and d-pads feel just as good as the original DualShock 4. The downside to having different colors compared to the stock is that there are no symbols. However, if you’ve memorized the button layout, this shouldn’t be a problem for you. The thumbsticks are concave, so it fits well around your thumbs. The downside is that since we had the aluminum finish, it’s more slippery than the stock rubber thumbsticks. The good news is that you don’t have to configure these buttons, thumbsticks, and d-pads. If you want stock buttons, you can have stock buttons.

Mega Modz also offers rubberized extenders for the thumbsticks. These feel very comfortable, and we prefer the way they feel compared to the stock and Mega Modz thumbsticks. There are short and medium-sized extenders. The longer ones have a bouncy feel to them, and they may distract you when you’re moving your character around. We recommend the short and medium-sized extenders for melee and medium-ranged combat. The higher is recommended for snipers, but since snipers shouldn’t be moving a lot, the bounciness won’t affect you as much.

You can customize the front body, and we opted for a crystal front body. It’s transparent, allowing you to see the inside of the controller, especially the rumble motors. The back body can be customized for other Mega Modz controllers, but during our customization for the Mega Modz Macro Remap PS4 Controller, we were only able to choose Rubberized Black.

Mega Modz Remappable Macro Buttons

Photo by Nerd Reactor

The main attraction for the Mega Modz Macro Remap PS4 Controller is the Mega Modz Remappable Buttons. This places two extra macro buttons on the back of the controller, where your middle fingers rest. You can add a stock controller button input to any of the two Mega Modz macro buttons. For example, you can turn one of the macro buttons into a reloading button, and the other as a jumping button. Now imagine playing Overwatch as Lucio, a fast and agile character, where you can move, aim, jump, and shoot simultaneously. Normally, a player would have to choose between controlling the camera or jumping. With the controller, you no longer need to lift the right thumb from the right thumbstick to press the jump button. With two macro buttons on the back, you are more in control of the action.

When danger is around every corner, you want to be able to reload while looking over your shoulders. With the macro buttons, you can reload and look around at the same time. Before this, you would probably have to mess with the button layout in a game’s in-game menu, but not no more. This also improves the quality of life of other types of games. For example, we remapped the macro button as a sprint button in The Witcher 3. This allowed us to gallop at full speed on our horse while controlling the camera. Without the macro button, we would have to hold the X button, negating the ability to control the camera. There are 14 stock buttons available (d-pad buttons, face buttons, shoulder buttons, touchpad, and home), and you can configure them to one of the macro buttons.

Mega Modz Macro Button Placement

There are other elite controllers with extra macro buttons and pads, but we have to applaud Mega Modz for its placement of the remappable macro buttons. This decreases the number of accidental presses since you can just move your middle fingers a bit higher. Other controllers with macro buttons have bigger buttons and are placed lower on the grip, and this increases the chances of accidental presses. There are other controllers with 4 macro buttons, and if you want more macro buttons, the Mega Modz Macro Remap PS4 Controller won’t be for you.

Since different games will require different button presses, Mega Modz has given gamers up to 28 different profiles for configuration, storing, and retrieving. Of course, you’ll need to remember which profile is which, and I usually just remap the buttons manually when switching games. (I certainly don’t want to memorize which profile matches which game.)

This is a modded controller, and that means you’ll be able to turn it into a turbo button. This makes it easier when you’re using a handgun or playing a fighting game where you can spam a certain move. It can be seen as a dirty tactic, so I’m not really a fan of turning this feature on.

The Mega Modz Macro Remap PS4 Controller has have helped improve our gaming sessions with faster reaction times and better quality of life. The macro buttons and their placements help with simultaneous actions and a decrease in accidental clicks, and the customization is the icing on the cake.

Score: 4.5/5 Atoms

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Disclosure: A review unit was provided by Mega Modz for review purposes.

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