Xbox Series X has more TFLOPs than an RTX 2080 Super

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We all know that Microsoft has been quiet for some time now (since December’s XBSX announcement), but yesterday has shed more light on the Xbox Series X. This newest NAVI -RDNA 2 card coming from AMD has been rumored to provide the Xbox Series X with 12 TFLOPs, but now this is confirmed. Microsoft released a graphic that showed the AMD GPU inside of the Xbox Series X, and it will put out a whopping 12 TFLOPs. What does this mean? It means that next-generation consoles will be the most budget-friendly way to game at one of the highest levels.

The cost of most graphics cards for a PC, in this case a GeForce RTX 2080 Super, is roughly $700 USD. Imagine buying that and then a decent SSD, a Zen 2 CPU, and other components to build your PC. Then you can take a look at an Xbox Series X, which has more TFLOPs (granted, not by much) for somewhere in the ballpark of the rumored $450-$550 USD price tag for all of it. 12 TFLOPs is a lot to work with, seeing as the Xbox One X is half of that, and the Xbox One is an eighth of that as well.

How Does It Stack Up?

This should give you an idea of where the Xbox Series X stands up in comparison to other high-end GPUs:

Xbox Series X

While the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti is still the king, this new RDNA 2 GPU in the Xbox Series X is not far behind. This, of course, being the Microsoft Xbox variant. There will be other variants as well, some faster, others slower. Maybe Sony will give us a peek at their variant soon, and it will be interesting to see what comparisons people will make when it is announced. One thing Sony does have an advantage in is separate ray-tracing hardware. This will take a large load off of the processors and free up usage.

Microsoft also announced a few other things as well. Mainly features including Variable Rate Shading, Quick Resume (kind of like PlayStation 4’s resume game from rest mode), Dynamic Latency Input, HDMI 2.1 support, 120fps gaming support, Smart Delivery, and other information on the Xbox News website. These next few months will be interesting for sure.

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