EA bans pro FIFA player for continued abusive content after spitting on EA logo

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The pro FIFA player, Kurt Fenech aka Kurt0411, has apparently gone too far. According to EA, Fenech is not being banned only for spitting on the EA logo (which he did on his stream), but for his continued “abusive and threatening” content. This ban seems a bit excessive, as it restricts Fenech from accessing EA’s online modes from any EA games. The company went on to say he “crossed a line of decency into very personal attacks.” Below is a statement that EA released on the reason for this ban.

Seems like Fenech may have had this coming to him for a while, but if the Terms of Conditions are broken, do not be surprised if they take action. While Fenech may have made point of how EA misleads gamers and buyers, his antics may have gone too far. EA is well known across Reddit and other media platforms, for being a money-hungry business. Activision is under the same kind of fire as well, but people keep buying their games and spending money on their in-game purchases. In response to this message from EA, Fenech began defending himself with the following tweets.

It is clear to see that Fenech is really angered by this decision from EA, but he continues to point the finger. While there is no rule for spitting on the EA logo or even speaking out about the companies practices, there are many better ways to handle this situation.

EA is just as immature as Fenech, in the sense that they banned him for something so juvenile. If his offenses were so abusive and threatening before, why wait until he spits on the company logo to ban indefinitely? At what point did he “crossed a line of decency” enough to warrant this ban?

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