Margot Robbie on Birds of Prey, fave DC character, fight and dance training

Margot Robbie

Credit: DC Comics

Birds of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) is coming to theaters this week, and so far it has been receiving positive reviews from critics with a Tomatometer of 90% at the time of this writing. Fans who went to the Mexico City fan screening and the DC Universe fan screening have been raving about the film as well. The latest DC film will have Margot Robbie reprising her role as Harley Quinn, and this time the criminal underworld will be after her. Nerd Reactor had the chance to chat with Robbie and fellow castmates Ella Jay Basco and Chris Messina about the film, training for the fight and dance sequences, and favorite DC characters.

Nerd Reactor: In Birds of Prey, you are in this and you got the hero, antihero, and villain side. So what was combining all that together like?

Margot Robbie: Generally in any great film, I feel like every character has their moral code, and they do not align at all. But they all feel like they are doing the right thing in some way or doing what’s right for them – if they’re a little more selfish like Harley is. But it’s fascinating to watch someone like Victor Zsasz, who Chris kind of embodies in this crazy way. He doesn’t see himself as the villain, as you say. He sees himself as this prophet, who’s setting people free from this cruel and disgusting world. It’s fun to play with that as an actor, to not just be playing the straight-up good guy or bad guy.

Nerd Reactor: And how’s it like just feeding off each other on the set with just these crazy, larger-than-life characters?

Ella Jay Basco: It was really fun. It is for me. This is my first big feature film and for it to be of this capacity, it’s just so amazing, crazy, fun and wild and all of these things. I feel spoiled, honestly. It’s just been such a fun ride.

Nerd Reactor: Was there like a certain character in Birds of Prey that you liked?

Margot Robbie: I love Huntress. She’s the first Birds of Prey member that I really fell in love with because I love her revenge storyline, and she has a very clear motive. She was the first character I really honed in on and fell in love with.

Ella Jay Basco: Yeah, I mean, I love Victor Zsasz. There was something super cool I thought, and how creepy and cool it is. And especially in the comics, it kind of amps it up too, which is cool. [She looks at Messina] Your take on it was amazing too.

Chris Messina: Thank you. I didn’t know a lot of the comics but I was a fan of Harley. I was a fan of Margot and when I saw her do Harley in Suicide Squad, I was like, “That’s very cool. That’s really unique and special.” And then to be a part of that with her was awesome.

Nerd Reactor: The stunts are nuts. It’s crazy how heavy-hitting the kicks and the punches are. How long did it take for you to train?

Margot Robbie: The other ladies started training before me. I was still under contract. I was still shooting Bombshell. They started a couple of months before shooting began and kept training throughout. And I think I started six weeks before and then just went really hot in a short amount of time. So I do stunt training at the warehouse (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), skate training (Tuesday, Thursday), dance choreography like maybe twice a week. And there was one other thing. I can’t remember what that would have been.

Nerd Reactor: [Looks at Messina] You didn’t get to any of that, like dancing?

Chris Messina: I got to dance. I got to boogie with them. I didn’t get any fight training, but they were working their asses off. They were constantly working. Every time I saw you guys, if they weren’t shooting, they had pads on. I wish I had some of that fight training. I could use it.

Check out the full video interview below.

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