Sandbox VR’s Deadwood Mansion is a frantic, location-based VR shooter with friends

Sandbox VR Deadwood Mansion

Virtual reality is one of the most immersive experiences out there. With a headset right in your face, you really feel closer to the action. VR companies have been raising the bar, with VR locations like The Void helping with utilizing VR tech and physical locations to make you see and feel the action while roaming around in an actual set. However, if you want a longer VR experience, there’s Sandbox VR. Nerd Reactor had the chance to play the horror VR shooter, Deadwood Mansion, and it’s frantic, intense, and hair-rising.

Sandbox VR experiences are longer than the other VR spaces since it’s easier to make a longer adventure when it’s just focusing on one giant room compared to a set with many corridors and rooms. This gives you a fuller experience, whereas the shorter experiences can feel too short where you’re thinking, “That’s it?”

Deadwood Mansion is the first experience from Sandbox VR, and you’ll be given a choice to wield an SMG, assault rifle or pistol. You can play with up to 6 players, and if you’ve played games like Left 4 Dead and House of the Dead, you’ll get an idea of how crazy things can get. Zombies will be coming at you from different corners of the main hall, and some of them will have weak points and others will charge at you, encouraging players to move around the area. Sometimes this can lead to players bumping into each other, so be careful out there.

Image courtesy of Sandbox VR

Usually, with these types of VR experiences on location, death isn’t an option. In Deadwood Mansion, your avatar can die. If that does happen, another friend can heal you by touching your shoulder. Other friends can get incapacitated by a licker-like creature similar to Left 4 Dead. It’s important to communicate to your friends that you’re in trouble.

To make you feel the action, you’ll be wearing haptic vests. When a zombie is attacking you, you’ll feel it on your body. The plus side is that you’ll know if you’re getting attacked from behind. There are sensors that you’ll need to wear on your arms and feet, and this will track your movement in the virtual world. You can even move your fingers, and the digital world will capture that. It’s not perfect, but I was still amazed by how accurate my finger movement were.

Image courtesy of Sandbox VR

And the best thing of all? You get two videos. One is an action-packed trailer featuring you and your friend’s accomplishments, and the other is a video report showing different stats in a dynamic way.

If I had a gripe, I wish that the location changed. Our entire experience was set in the main hall of a mansion. It’s a nice area where you can move around your friends, but more variety wouldn’t hurt.

Final Reaction

Deadwood Mansion is a fun VR experience with friends where you can interact with them while moving around the space. Part of the fun is teamwork, which is crucial when saving a dying friend or locating zombies.

We were able to play Deadwood Mansion at the new location in Cerritos, CA. Other Sandbox VR locations include Los Angeles, Chicago, San Diego, San Francisco, and Vancouver. Austin, Dallas and New York locations are coming soon. For more info, visit

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