Lora DiCarlo’s Osé is the robotic massager for blended orgasms

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There are many products that try to give blended orgasms, but the quality of many hasn’t been up to snuff. One reason is that there are many different body types, and another is that they rely solely on vibration. That’s where Lora Dicarlo comes in, the sex tech startup that was the talk of the town during CES 2019.
Osé, its flagship product, simulates sex by mimicking a partner’s touch. The flexible body and advanced micro-robotics can adapt to the user’s body and stimulate both the glans clitoris and the G-spot.

On one end, the Clitoral Stimulator acts like a mouth and tongue for the ultimate in pleasure, and the smooth ridges create a rhythmic thrumming for the rest of the clitoris. On the other end, the G-spot Massager is like a partner’s finger, with the micro-robotics replicating a come-hither motion. The good news is that Osé is now available to order. The bad news is that since it is a popular item, shipping takes between 4 to 6 weeks.

Things are looking good for Lora DiCarlo, but it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Consumer Technology Association, which runs the annual CES tech show, gave the company the innovation award for engineering back in 2019, but it quickly took it away since it believed the product was obscene. This upset Lora L. Haddock, the founder & CEO of Lora DiCarlo, but this created the perfect opportunity since the product was under the spotlight and was covered by the media.

“We called them out and said, ‘That’s absolutely ridiculous!’ Haddock tells Nerd Reactor. “‘This is why this is arbitrary and capricious and is totally biased because you’ve got products like this on the floor.’ Last year, they had a salon of sex dolls that gave blowjobs, and you can change the face and her accent, but [Osé] is obscene.”

She continued, “So they turned around and said, ‘Oh, no, it was just a misunderstanding. You should have never gotten this far in the first place.’ And our reaction was, ‘Hold on a second. You’re telling me that the CTA vetted this product, the company, and the tech, verified that it’s robotic, sent it on to your expert judges, who then verified that this deserves top of the line critique across the board, gave us an innovation award, and now you want to take it away, because it’s for vaginas, or because I’m a woman?’ I’m not sure. So then they responded again, saying the product doesn’t fall into any category at CES, and now you’ve been banned.”

Afterward, CTA apologized and reversed its decision.

“What we’re trying to do is stimulate the glans clitoris, the little tiny bit you do see, and then the thudding sensation in the body, the corpus of the clitoris,” Haddock explained. “And then there’s a little bundle of nerves that reaches into the interior wall of the vaginal canal that creates the G-spot. So we’re stimulating the full thing.”

The idea of the Osé popped up when Haddock was in her late twenties.

“I was 28 and had a blended orgasm that landed my ass on the floor,” Haddock said. “And I laid there and went, ‘How do I do that again?’ I discovered there just wasn’t anything out there that could do that. Nothing fits. It vibrates. Almost all of it vibrates. So we wanted to create something that really kind of mimicked the human sensation we get with a partner.”

“When I started the company in October 2017, I went to Oregon State University and spoke with Dr. John Parmigiani, the head of the prototype development lab at Oregon State University’s College of Engineering,” she continued. “They’re one of the top four robotics schools in the country. So I told him that story and his jaw hit the floor, and then I went, ‘But I have this,’ and I gave him a list of 52 functional engineering requirements required for this product. And he goes, ‘Oh, I can do that.’ We started a team of engineers, and we have people that were really excited to come on.”

Haddock believes the robotic massager can help the user explore and learn more about their bodies.

“Still, a lot of women don’t know enough about their own sexual pleasure, and it takes some exploration and it’s hard to do yourself,” Haddock explained. “What this product allows you to do is that deep exploration and figure out exactly what you like, the frequency that you like, the repositioning that you like, and what you can do when you’re done figuring that out. Or you can figure it out by telling your partner, ‘This is what I like to do now.'”

Image courtesy of Lora DiCarlo

That’s not it from Lora DiCarlo. During CES 2020, the tech company showcased two new products: Onda and Baci. These two products are the result of the Ose splitting into two different versions. The Onda is the Robotic G-spot massager, and Baci is the robotic clitoral stimulator. This is best for those who want to test out certain aspects without committing to having blended orgasms. These will be available soon.

You can order Lora DiCarlo’s robotic massagers at loradicarlo.com.

Update: December 2, 2022

There have been reports that the company will file for bankruptcy, and at the time of the writing, the website is down.

Bedbible has more updated coverage on the matter.

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