CES: Monster is not dead, it’s just getting started with more partners

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CEO Noel Lee starts off the Monster Press Conference to clarify Monster’s industry presence as of late.

“There’s a rumor in the industry that Monster is dead, but it’s not.”

It was a lie that was mostly propagated by Monster’s disappearing presence in retail stores. In fact, what really happened over the past year was that Monster ramped up its brand-licensing model with brand new products that are diving into a diverse set of industries. Walking through the floors of CES, we see the Monster logo popping up more than ever in various many booths. Monster M4.0 is the business model introduced in CES 2019, which revamps licensing, manufacturing, and distribution. Here are some product highlights from Monster’s CES 2020 announcements:

Monster Lightspeed HDMI Cables

For a connected household, your 8K HDR TV isn’t necessarily next to your HDMI video source. In fact, the Monster M2000 Lightspeed HDMI cable fills the bandwidth need up to 56 Gbps, but the kicker is that it will do it at a distance of up to 100 feet. With today’s demanding needs for a high-quality signal, this is the premium way to go. Monster Lightspeed is the “World’s Fastest HDMI cable.

Monster Game HDMI Cable with LED Lit Jacket

Gamers will now have a flashy way to connect their video monitors via a completely lit end to end HDMI cable. It’s very common to attach stickers to the back of a gamer’s monitor for some flair, but lighting up your HDMI cable all the way to your computer is something pretty slick on a whole new level. These will be 7 colors to choose from, and they can be set to pulse or breath.

Elements Air and Clarity Air (AirLinks)

The most popular form factor of earbuds nowadays is “True Wireless” with the most popular device being the Apple AirPods. Monster will be releasing the Elements Air and Clarity Air this year. We did not receive any specs for these new earbuds, but we’ll have a full review up soon to give you the ins and outs.

Monster Illumin-essence

Monster Illumin-essence is another area that Monster is expanding with its brand-licensing network. The Monster Orb is all about customizing your fully connected household to include glowing, water-resistant floating orbs. If you are throwing a party at night around the pool, there is no better way to up the ambiance by throwing a couple of these into the pool. The Monster Outdoor Strip provides the same features, but instead of an orb, it’s on a long 2- to 5-meter lighting strip.

Monster Sound

No Monster presentation is complete without sound products. The Master Blaster S returns as still one of the largest Bluetooth speakers that you can buy. You can up the ante by linking multiple Master Blaster S’s together to make an already great thing better. Monster is also introducing the Monster Vision which is an all-in-one video entertainment solution with enhanced audio quality.

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