Review: You Don’t Know My Life!, the TMI party game

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Party games and board games help bring people together (and sometimes apart), and they are great ice breakers for strangers. Many venues have been embracing these games including Two Bit Circus and Dragon and Meeple in the DTLA area. One of the games we were able to check out recently was You Don’t Know My Life! from creators Dennis Hensley and Jeb Havens. It’s described as a TMI party game where there are no wrong answers, only #innappropriate ones. It’s a very entertaining game where you can learn a lot about a person. It can result in some TMI answers, but from my experience, it wasn’t as dirty or vulgar as games like Cards Against Humanity.

The rules of You Don’t Know My Life! are simple. For each round, a person picks a card from the pile, and everyone has to write down the answers on a notepad. The answers are then shuffled and then read aloud. Points are earned when the reader guesses the person in the group who wrote the answer.

  • What kind of questions can you expect? Here are just a few samples:
  • When was a time that you gave in to peer pressure?
  • What’s something that you’re surprisingly bad at?
  • Have you ever been in a fistfight?
  • What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done in pursuit of a crush?

When playing with friends, you’ll be surprised by some of your friends’ answers. For strangers, it’s a whole new ballgame since they get to share something intimate or interesting to someone they don’t know. Answers can really be anything, from a feeling to memory.

Before the answers are read aloud, they are shuffled and passed to other players. Once they receive a random card (if you get your card, just pretend it’s not yours), they will then have to come up with a hashtag for the answer. For example, if you got the peer pressure question and the answer was “getting a tattoo while drunk,” the hashtag can be #tipsytattoos. You can be really creative with this, and it’s to help people remember the story. Once the hashtags are done, each player will read the answers along with the respective hashtag. The reader then gets the first guess. If they are wrong, the next person gets to guess.

I played the game with a bunch of strangers and one friend at a bar, and it was interesting to see the different types of answers. If you’re good enough, you’ll be able to decipher certain people’s style of answering. Will the answers be very embarrassing, or will it be a normal answer? It all depends on the person, and alcohol can certainly help with some fun answers.

Final Reaction

You Don’t Know My Life! is an amusing party game with friends and strangers where you get to really learn about someone’s life. Although it’s not as crude or vulgar as games like Cards Against Humanity, it’s a great icebreaker where you can share all types of personal stories and bond.

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