Autonomous’ Smart Office ErgoChair review


Getting the right chair is key for comfort and improving your quality of life, whether you’re working on a TPS report at the office, practicing your K/D ratio in Modern Warfare, or watching The Witcher on Netflix. From gaming chairs to recliners, there are plenty of ways to get comfortable in your daily life. Autonomous is a company founded in 2015 in New York City with a mission to make an office worker’s life better through comfort. The company specializes in standing desks and office chairs, and it aims to deliver the ultimate office chair with the Smart Office ErgoChair. We’ve had the chance to test it out, and it’s a chair that will make you feel relaxed while being productive.


The Autonomous Smart Office ErgoChair comes with all the tools you’ll need to set it up including an instruction booklet. It’s easy to follow, and the only “tricky” part is making sure everything is aligned with the right parts. Assembling is definitely my least favorite part of receiving new furniture, but the process was almost painless.


The great thing about the ErgoChair is the adjustability. People come in all shapes and sizes, and you can adjust the chair in many ways including the headrest, armrest, back tilt angle and tension, seat tilt, and height. Do you have a long neck or a big head? Just adjust the headset up or down. Do you want to rest your head back? First, lower the headrest, and then tilt it back. The armrest’s adjustability is a godsend since you can move each one up or down, forward or backward, or left or right.

The seat height adjustment is definitely catered for taller people and those with a taller desk, so if you’re short, you’ll be out of luck. I had issues with a smaller desk. I’m 5’9″, and the lower height setting wasn’t enough for me since my legs can’t fit because of my desk’s keyboard tray blocking the way. I’m estimating that you’ll need a desk that’s higher than 21 inches for the area underneath the flat surface.

With a lot of options for adjustments, the odds are that you’ll forget which handle is which if you haven’t used it in a while. It felt like testing out a new car, trying to figure out the levers on the steering column. It’s the price to pay if you want to optimize your balance, posture, and comfort.


Having a lot of features is cool, but the most important about a chair is its comfort, and the ErgoChair delivers on that in all the right spots. The most important thing is making your butt feel good, and the foam seats do just that. One test I like to do is wiggling my hips and butt left and right. On a chair with subpar cushion, it’s not a soft feeling. With the ErgoChair, I may look silly shifting left and right, but my butt felt like one with the seat cushion. In addition, the seat fabric allows for more air, which doesn’t feel disgusting if you were to sit on a leather chair in hot weather.

Your lower back is a very important part of your body, and one of the ways to increase lower back pain is poor posture. With the lumbar support and its adjustable system, the Ergochair can cater to bodies of all types on the taller side. If you have short thighs, you can adjust the lumbar support to reach your lower back with a lever.

The back and headrest use a mesh backing, which actually is relaxing without the need for a cushion. Even when you’re pushing your head back against the headrest, it gives off a slight bouncy feeling. The headrest arc is round enough to hold your head, and if no one is looking, you can take a quick nap if you want since it feels nice. (Don’t try it at work though.)

Final Reaction

Autonomous’ Smart Office ErgoChair is the ultimate office chair with its adjustability options and comfortability, whether it’s the seat, lumbar support or headrest. There are many levers for adjustability, which can be quite daunting, but it allows a lot of different types of bodies to feel at ease. If you are short, however, this chair may be too big for you.

Score: 4/5 Atoms

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The ErgoChair was provided by Autonomous for review purposes.

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