FitTrack Dara Scale (review)

As we say hello to 2020, a majority of the resolutions that will be made this year will be for a healthier lifestyle, which means weight loss. As we spend the next year counting the pounds we shed, watching your weight drop is just the tip of the iceberg towards being truly healthy. Our bodies are extremely intricate, and the Dara Scale from FitTrack wants to help those who are looking to lose weight go beyond just providing you with a number. It wants to provide you with all the information that you’ll need to see how your body changes.

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The Dara Scale doesn’t hold any fancy or exuberant designs but instead follows the typical square shape that everyone is accustomed to. The scale itself measures 10 x 10 inches with a height of one-inch. The underside of the scale is comprised of plastic, while the top side utilizes a thick piece of glass that can handle a lot of pressure. Four metallic pads are placed at each corner and act as indicators as to where you’ll need to optimally place your feet. 

Hidden underneath the glass is the LED screen that will display your body weight. The screen is bright and the numbers are easy to read. The scale displays your weight in pounds but can be easily switched to kilograms. The scale comes in a white color that seamlessly blends in with your bathroom floor, while its small size allows it to be tucked away next to a wall to avoid accidentally tripping over it.

The FitTrack pro app, which connects to the Dara scale, has a wonderfully designed UX that displays all the information you need the moment you open the app. There’s no clunky interface that you need to comb through just to find the information you want. It’s as if FitTrack knew exactly what their customers wanted and needed to see, absorb that information, and then go on about their day. The app interface has three pages that you’ll need to navigate through, which is the “Home,” “History,” and your user profile.


To begin using the scale, all you’ll simply need to do is step on it, which means that you won’t need to tap it first, which a few digital scales require. The metallic pads are extremely helpful by making sure that your weight is evenly distributed and that your feet are in the right place for the built-in sensors to gauge a reading. Producing a bodyweight is fairly quick for a digital scale, but once the weight is displayed, you’ll want to remain on the scale for a bit longer so that it can transmit all the information to the smartphone app. This does take a few seconds, but the scale will provide you with an indicator of the process.

The Dara scale is easy to setup up. Once you’ve installed the batteries and downloaded the app, you can begin to pair the scale to your phone via BlueTooth. After you’ve established a connection, you’ll want to set up your profile by providing your age and height. This step is crucial because if you want accurate numbers, the scale will want to know what your body composition is exactly like. The connection between my smartphone and the scale wasn’t 100%, as I did encounter a few times where the two devices would not establish a connection. This wasn’t a huge complication, as all I needed to do was reinstall the batteries for a quick and easy reboot.

The information that the app and scale provide is a handful and can be somewhat overwhelming and discouraging the first time you see what your “numbers” are. I’ll admit that I’m not the healthiest guy in the world, and I’m’ not going to pretend that I am. But seeing what my numbers were, was truly an eye-opener. Aside from your weight, the Dara scale can inform you of things such as your Body Mass Index (BMI), Body Fat Percentage (BFP), Muscle Mass Percentage (MMP), Total Body Water (TBW), Visceral Fat, Standard Weight, and others. On top of what your numbers are, you can also see where you place on certain health charts. For those who are on a fitness journey, can see a logged history of their weight loss and body composition change through the app. Within the history page, you can see the progress you’ve made through the week, month, and year.

Final Reaction

We’ve heard the saying “New Year, New Me,” and we encourage everyone who wants to live a healthier lifestyle to go out there and do it, and the Dara Scale from FitTRack is one of those essential tools for your journey. This digital scale does more than just provide you with your weight, it digs deep to tell you everything you want to know about your own body, and it does so in a small convenient package, that meticulously fuses with your bathroom decor. Whether you want to lose or gain weight, add a few pounds of muscle, or find out if you’re intaking the right amount of water, the Dara Scale gives you all that and more in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Score: 4.5/5 Atoms

The Dara Scale was provided by FitTrack for review purposes

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