CES: LG announces more AI concepts than products this year

Credit: JR Cajigas for Nerd Reactor

LG wins the award of earliest press conference this year, which was held on Monday morning at 8 a.m. What better way to wake up with the celebration of AI. The entire first half of the event accounced no new products, but instead it was about LG’s collaboration with Element AI, a tech company focused on making electronics smart to your needs. With this new technology, LG is looking to make all the devices in your home work together to serve us human masters.

LG President and CTO, Dr. IP Park. Credit: JR Cajigas for Nerd Reactor

LG President and CTO, Dr. IP Park, tag teamed a presentation with Element AI to give us a lesson on AI principles. It was very informative in that I never knew there were 4 levels: Efficiency, Personalization, Reasoning, and Experimental Learning. To sum it all up, the lower levels just respond to your exact command, and the higher levels anticipate and predict it. LG really wanted to connect all the devices in your home under the ThinQ platform. ThinQ is already found in your LG smartphone, LG TV, and other LG appliances in the kitchen. On the showfloor this year at LG’s booth, we’ll see many of the products in the ThinQ family.

LG InstaView product line. Credit: JR Cajigas for Nerd Reactor

The ThinQ platform is already available to developers. When looking at the home appliance line of LG products, ThinQ technology can have a Proactive Customer Service where they call you to let you know when you have a malfunctiong part in your refrigerator. Another example given is when your ThinQ AI tells you when you use too much detergent for your laundry. Your phone and TV looked to be the major areas where the ThinQ AI would communicate with you. Of course, the regular common features like oven timer is probably one of the most used features for the smart kitchen.

One more end-all feature that you didn’t know you needed was announced for the unexpected LG InstaView Refrigerator. Smart refrigerators have been around for many years now, but this latest feature packs a bunch for alcohol drinkers, Craft Ice. This feature makes perfect 2-inch spheres of ice, that will slowly melt through slow drip freezing technology. Many high-end craft cocktails bars typically serve their drinks with these perfect sphere ice cubes, but to have your LG fridgerator do it is one thing we didn’t know we needed. All innovation is welcome, and if it helps me pour a nice chilled glass of whiskey, then all the merrier.

LG’s rollable OLED TV. Credit: JR Cajigas for Nerd Reactor

Now for the part of the presentation that everyone was waiting for, TVs. After some tech talk about newly created 8K standards and broadcast codecs, 2 dintinctive newly announced LG TVs caught our eye. The LG Signature rollable OLED will be hitting the market sometime this year. There wasn’t a specific time frame, but a TV that rolls into a small barrel is plenty cool. It’s definitely last year tech, but since no product has hit the market, the bigger announcement is that the product is coming to market. We expect this to be marked at an exhorbitant early-adopter price, but that’s just the price of tech. Maybe 1 or 2 years ago, there was a concept to have TVs presented as art on the wall. This will also come to the market by LG at some point this year as the G10 OLED Gallery Series. A 65-inch screen is only 20mm thin on the wall, and to top it off, there will be no need to atttach a separate connection box. Ultra-thin TVs are always welcome, but as with the previous product, expect there to be some early adopter inflation. This is cool tech regardless, so we can at least rejoice in that.

LG’s G10 OLED wallpaper series at 20 mm thickness. Credit: JR Cajigas for Nerd Reactor

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