D-Link kicks off CES 2020 with brand new network solutions

CES 2020 starts in just a few days, and to kick-off the week-long convention, D-Link has announced today a line of new products that will be making its debut at this year’s show. The newest and latest products add to D-Link’s current smart home and IoT networking solutions and will include Wi-Fi cameras, Wi-Fi 6 and Mesh routers, 5G solutions, and the Nuclias Connect

Wi-Fi Cameras

The new D-Link Wifi cameras will now have the ability to tell the difference between people and different objects. It will also incorporate “break glass detection”, an increase in onboard storage capacity, and wired ethernet capability for a greater reliable and stable connection. AI on the new cameras will now work on-the-edge instead of the cloud. Upgrades in both software and hardware inside the new cameras will give users with accurate alerts and flexibility in storing video.

This year’s cameras will be available in an indoor and outdoor model, both having the option to save a video in three different ways. The first option will be an ONVIF Profile S, which enables customized storage and streaming to personal NAS devices. The second option is using the built-in microSD storage, which D-Link has expanded to 256 GB. The last option is using either a free or paid cloud storage.

The outdoor camera will feature spotlight and siren that can be triggered with a motion detector. The indoor model will be able to pan a full 360-degrees and will be able to track motion. Both cameras will include a two-way radio. The Full HD Pan and Tilt Pro Wi-Fi Camera will release in Q2 of this year with a retail price of $99.99. The Full HD Indoor and Outdoor Pro Wi-Fi Camera will launch Q3, and will retail for $119.99

Mesh Routers and Extenders

This year D-Link is glad to announce its next generation of Mesh Routers that can easily adapt to the next generation Wi-Fi. The new line of routers is announced just ahead of the Wi-Fi Alliances release of Wi-Fi EasyMesh technology, with some of the routers incorporating the new Wi-Fi 6 standard. 

The routers will include enhanced parental controls with an interactive tap-and-set interface that will allow parents to create profiles for each member of their family. Other features included will be WPA3 encryption support, BSS coloring, voice compatibility with Google Assistant and Alexa, IFTTT integration, and access to D-Link support which will include chat, through the D-Link Wi-Fi App

Pricing and Availability for the new mesh routers and extenders:

  • AC1900 Scalable Mesh Wi-Fi Router (COVR-1900-US), Q1 2020, $119.99
  • AC1750Mesh Wi-Fi Router (DIR-1750-US), Q1 2020, $99.99
  • AC1900 Mesh Wi-Fi Router (DIR-1950-US), Q1 2020, $119.99
  • AC1750 Mesh Wi-Fi Range Extender (DAP-1755-US), Q1 2020, $99.99
  • AC1950 Mesh Wi-Fi Range Extender (DAP-1955-US), Q1 2020, $109.99
  • Smart AX1500 Mesh Wi-Fi 6 Router (DIR-X1560-US), Q1 2020, $119.99
  • Smart AX1800 Mesh Wi-Fi 6 Router (DIR-X1870-US), Q2 2020, $139.99
  • Smart AX2400 Mesh Wi-Fi 6 Router (DIR-X2460-US), Q3 2020, $159.99
  • Smart AX5400 Mesh Wi-Fi 6 Router (DIR-X5460-US), Q1 2020, $279.99
  • AX1800 Mesh Wi-Fi 6 Range Extender (DAP-X1870-US), Q2 2020, $129.99
  • AX1800 Whole Home Mesh System (COVR-X1872-US), QX22020, $269.99

5G Solutions

As wireless providers begin to roll out a 5G network, D-Link is launching new solutions that will offer speeds up to 3 Gbps. D-Link’s 5G NR Enhanced Gateway will now feature a sub-6 GHz wireless frequency that will match what service providers will use to communicate between home units and towers. The enhanced gateway will be joined by two additional models, a 5G gateway that uses sub-6 GHz frequency and AC2600 Wi-Fi, and a 5G NR outdoor unit that will support sub-6 GHz and mm-Wave.

The 5G NR Enhanced Gateway unit will have a downlink up to 4 Gbps and downlink up to 2 Gbps. It will house three 1-Gigabit LAN ports, one 2.5-Gigabit LAN port, one Gigabit WAN port, one USB 3.0 port, one SIM slot, and one Voice RJ-11 port. The 5G Gateway unit will have a downlink up to 1 Gbps, four Gigabit LAN ports, one Gigabit WAN port, one USB 2.0 port, and one SIM slot. The 5G NR Outdoor Unit will be IP45 waterproof, with a weather tolerance of -47.2-degrees to 131-degrees Fahrenheit

All three models will be available sometime in Q2 2020 with pricing dependent on 5G service providers.

Nuclias Connect

For the business networking solution, D-Links Nuclias connect is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses that have Wi-Fi problems. The new Nuclias Connect will give a business an easy way to set up a network without the complexity that’s typically involved. The new solution joins D-Links’ current Nuclias business networking lineup that also features cloud-managed switches and access points.

Free management software can be easily installed and will give network administrators access to manage all of their APs. Additionally, network management tools will feature reports, single sign-on dashboard, captive portal, front desk ticket management, and payment gateway support.

Nuclias Connect Software Features

  • Free download
  • Windows and Linux Support
  • Manage up to 1000 APs
  • Free to download Nuclias Connect companion app for Android or iOS
  • Auto managed frequency bands and L2/L3 AP discovery
  • NAT Passthrough•Nucilas account Single Sign-On (SSO) for centralized management

Indoor and Outdoor Access Point Features

  • Dual-band throughput up to 1.2 Gbps
  • 2×2 MU-MIMO with two spatial streams
  • 1 x Gigabit LAN (supports PoE)
  • 1 x RJ11 Phone line port•Power over Ethernet (PoE) 802.3af
  • Supports 16 SSIDs
  • Wall-mounted (Indoor Only)

Additional Outdoor Access Point Features

  • IP68 dust and waterproof certified housing
  • Resistant to temperatures between -30 and 60°C
  • GORE-TEX Technology repels liquid water while allowing for heat and humidity dissipation
  • Pole-mounted

You can see D-Links’ latest products and solutions during this year’s CES 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada either at the Pepcom Digital Experience or at the D-Link Suite at The Venetian.

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