Crunchyroll adds five titles to their winter simulcast lineup

A few more days and we’ll say goodbye to 2019 and hello to 2020, which means that the holiday season is over. To get you through the last few days of the holidays and prepared for the new year, Crunchyroll has added five more series to their winter simulcast lineup that includes “Re: ZERO – Starting Life in Another World – Directors Cut,” “The Case Files of Jeweler Richard,” “Asteroid in Love,” “Yatogame-Chan Kansatsu Nikki 2,” and “ROOM CAMP.”

“Re: ZERO – Starting Life in Another World – Director’s Cut” follows Natsuki Subaru who, by chance, was summoned to another world. In this new world, Natsuki obtained the power to “Return by Death,” which grants his ability to turn back time when he dies. Natsuki uses this newfound power to protect his friends, family, and other loved ones.

“The Case Files of Jeweler Richard” is about a college student named Seigi Nakata, who has a penchant for justice. One fateful night, Seigi saves a foreigner named Richard from a group of drunks. Seigi discovers that Richard is a jeweler and asks him to appraise a ring with a dim history, a ring that his grandmother had kept as a secret up until her death. The appraisal uncovers the past, truth, and desire of Siegis’ grandmother, which leads him to work part-time as an employee at Richard’s jewelry store. 

In “Asteroid in Love” a young girl named Konohata Mira promises a boy she meets at a campsite that they go and find a galaxy together. Years later, Konohata enters Highschool and joins the schools’ astrology club. But that year, the astrology club happened to combine with the geology club, which creates the Astrogeo Club. 

“Yatogame-chan Kansatsu Nikki 2” tells the story of high school student Jin Kaito, who grew up in Tokyo but then moved to Nagoya. There he meets Yatogame Monaka, a student that puts her Nagoya dialect on full display. The comedy of Nagoya increases its status, which is all observed by Yatogame-Chan.

“Room Camp” takes viewers on the story of the Outdoor Activities Club, AKA, the Outclub, which only has three members. The club uses one of their high schools’ buildings as its club room, a very laid-back club. Member Kagamihara Nadeshiko wants to kill some time in their club room when members Ohgaki Chiaki and Inuyama Aio suddenly announce that they’re all going on a trip. They drag Nadeshiko along with them and travel through the countryside of Yamanashi, but what will the end destination be for this trip?

All five simulcast series will be available to stream on Crunchyroll starting January 2020.

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