Get the Stranger Things pinball machine for as low as $6,099

Stranger Things Pro Cabinet LF Stern Pinball

Stranger Things became in an instant hit when it premiered on Netflix back in 2016. The first season followed the kids of Hawkins, Indiana, confronting a threat from the Upside Down, an alternate dimension filled with all types of monsters. The second season had a Halloween theme and premiered in October 2017. The third season premiered on the Fourth of July in 2019, and as one can expect, a new threat has arrived during Independence Day. A fourth season is coming, and Stern Pinball has announced that a new line of Stranger Things pinball machines will be available in Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition models.

The Upside Down has taken over the Stranger Things pinball machine, and the game will have you controlling the ball to help Eleven, Mike, Lucas, Dustin, Will, Joyce, and Jim Hopper close the gate.

The Premium and Limited Edition features the first-ever video projector capable of displaying images and animation onto the playfield. This enhances the immersion with graphics changing based on the action. The playfield’s center has a special ramp that also acts as a screen. Also included are the “telekinetic” magnetic ball lock, which emulates Eleven’s powers.

The Pro, Premium and Limited Edition models have hand-drawn art and custom sculpted Demogorgon bash toy, which is protected by the drop targets and rotating ramp. All versions include two hideout ball scoops, a Demodog spinner, three ramps, and game rules.

There will be 500 units available for the Limited Edition model, and it has an exclusive mirrored backglass, custom themed cabinet artwork, autographed bottom arch, custom art blades, anti-reflection pinball glass, a shaker motor, and a sequentially numbered plaque.

The MSRP for the Pro Model is $US 6,099; Premium Model is $US 7,699; and Limited Edition Model is $US 9,099. The pinball machines are available through authorized Stern Pinball distributors and dealers worldwide.

Not much is known about the fourth season of Stranger Things, but it could tackle a theme like Christmas. Since the winter season was featured, perhaps we’ll have something for the spring.

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