10 favorite Star Wars gadgets and merch of 2019

With Skywalker having risen, we wanted to share some of our favorite Star Wars gear and gadgets with you. These gizmos are perfect to indulge in for yourself, or buy as last-minute gifts for the other geeky Star Wars fans in your life!

1. Star Wars Yoda-themed Adidas Sneakers

Image courtesy of Adidas

First, we love these Star Wars Yoda-themed Adidas Sneakers, which have Yoda’s most famous quote on the back. They come in breathable stretch mesh, with a causal, sock-like fit. If green isn’t in your color range, then they also come in a red, Darth Vader-theme as well. (Sadly there’s not a Vader quote on the back, though.)

2. Darth Vader Smartwatch by Garmin

If you really want something high-tech and droid-approved, then check out this Darth Vader Smartwatch by Garmin. The band and face details are inspired by Darth’s TIE fighter, while the case is imprinted with the Imperial insignia and Vader’s famous “Rule the Galaxy” quote. It comes with all the essential smartwatch features, including health stats and fitness tracking tools, message and app notifications, music storage, Garmin Pay, and a battery life of up to eight days.

3. Porg Planter

Credit: RedwoodStoneworks

If the only reason you liked The Last Jedi was for the porgs, you’re not alone. We also think they’re the cutest little creatures in all the galaxy (move aside Ewoks!) and would like to recommend getting this porg planter, guaranteed to make any tiny plant you want to nurture about 13 times cuter and more nurture-able.

4. Porg Stoneware Pie Dish

Courtesy of Williams Sonoma and Le Creuset

This Porg Stoneware Pie Dish does nothing other than make your pies look absolutely adorable, but if you think you’ll ever make a pie in your life you must get it. I mean look how freaking cute he is!

5. Darth Vader Toaster

If baking an entire pie just isn’t your thing— toast is more your speed—then this Darth Vader Toaster is sure to be a winner. It toasts your bread to a perfectly, Vader-esque crisp. Have fun wolfing it down but just be careful not to choke on your aspirations… uh, I mean toast.

6. Gold Darth Vader Ring

Credit: Kay

If you love bling, then this gold Darth Vader ring might seduce you to the dark side. Made from 10K yellow gold, it’s a high-quality piece that you can wear everyday, feeling equally stylish and nerdy.

7. Vintage-inspired Rey Long Sleeve

Did you just love The Rise of Skywalker? Then take a look at this vintage-inspired Rey long sleeve. It’s got ’70s vibes, a worn-in look, and has Daisy Ridley’s face on it– everything you could ever want in a t-shirt!

8. Han Solo in Carbonite Case

If you’re more of an original trilogy purist, a Han Solo fan, or just still think the Empire Strikes Back is the best film of them all, then this Han Solo in Carbonite case for your iPhone 11 is the gear for you. It comes in either a hardback or a leather flip-open case style and is a great nod to one of the most memorable goodbyes in the galaxy. (“I love you”… “I know”)

9. Death Star Lamp

Reminiscent of the holograms used to communicate throughout all three trilogies, this nostalgic Death Star Lamp will have you feeling like you’ve stepped right into a galaxy far, far away. With features like remote control and smart touch, you can adjust the brightness and color to your liking.

10. Chewbacca Sunglasses

Lastly, we had to add these “It’s not wise to upset a Wookiee” Chewbacca Sunglasses to the list because we all love Chewbacca! Also, any true star wars fan also knows that he needs more recognition in the Star Wars-verse (Yes, I am talking about the famous Medal snub scandal at the end of Episode IV… #justiceforchewie). These sunglasses are the perfect tribute to him! Along with being 100% Wookiee approved, they have 100% UVA/UVB protection, scratch/ impact-resistant lenses, and come with a Star Wars soft case.

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