Voting for the 2020 Crunchyroll Anime Awards begin January 10

As 2019 comes to an end and we begin to look towards the coming year, Crunchyroll wants to look back at the defining moments in anime for their fourth annual Anime Awards. To get their fans excited and engaged for the upcoming awards show, Crunchyroll has released its full line of categories in which fans will be able to vote for. 

The Crunchyroll Anime Awards celebrates Japan’s artistic medium that’s made entirely possible by its diverse and dedicated community all across the globe. As the award show enters its fourth year, Crunchyroll still holds true to ensuring that Anime’s best of the best is commemorated in a special way.

Anime Awards 2020 will include fan-favorite categories such as Best Fight Scene and Best Couple. Down below is the full list of categories that fans will be able to vote on beginning January 10, 2020.

  • Anime of the Year
  • Best Protagonist
  • Best Antagonist
  • Best Boy
  • Best Girl
  • Best Director
  • Best Animation
  • Best Character Design
  • Best Score
  • Best Fight Scene
  • Best Couple

2020’s awards categories were formulated from a combination of voting data, social media engagement, and direct feedback from fans. Crunchyroll feels that this coming award show has a strong mix of categories that truly showcase the undeniably incredible talents of the anime industry. This year’s list is not complete, as Crunchyroll will reveal additional categories at a later date.

Crunchyroll has also supercharged the panel of judges for 2020, by increasing the number of judges by 50%. The judges will consist of industry experts that will be selected based on their reputation, regard, and credibility. Judges will be coming from all over the world and will all have different backgrounds, cultures, and careers, making it a genuinely proper representation of Animes’ diverse fandom.

The panel of Judges for the Anime Awards 2020 will include:

  • Andrew McDanell – Otaku Spirit
  • Antonio Escudero – Mision Tokyo
  • Clarissa Graffeo – Anime World Order
  • Daryl Surat – Anime World Order
  • Dom Peppiatt  – Daily Star
  • Fonzy Ortiz – Honey’s Anime
  • Gabi Xavier – gabielf
  • Geoff Thew – Mother’s Basement
  • Gerald Rathkolb – Anime World Order
  • Hannah Collins – Comic Book Resources
  • Hussein Kesvani – Mel Magazine
  • Issac Rouse – Hypebeast
  • Jacob Parker Dalton – Otaquest
  • Josh Withey – The Independent
  • Julio Velez – Cinepremiere
  • Kambole Campbell – Little White Lies
  • Karla Bravo – Kem Media
  • Kwok Hanson – Freelance
  • Lauren Orsini – Forbes
  • Lukasz Kaczmarek – lukeatlook
  • Mark Phillips – RDCWorld1
  • Matheus Chami – ANM TV
  • Matt Schley – Otaku USA
  • Megan Peters –
  • Michale Moore – The Verge
  • Michael Sudako – KG-portal
  • Michael Ziegler – Sumikai
  • Miranda Sanchez – IGN
  • Rafael Brito – Jbox
  • Ricardo Santiago – RikStudios
  • Robbie Collins – Daily Telegraph
  • Robin Hirsch – Anime2You
  • Sloan Lester – Sloan the Otaku
  • Tadashi Sudo – Freelance Journalist
  • Tristan Gallant – Glass Reflection
  • Zac Bertschy – Anime News Network

Voting will open on January 10th and will run until the 17th. Fans who want to cast their votes can do so by visiting Voters will be able to return each day during the voting period to cast who their vote as to who they want to see win.

The Winners will be revealed during the live Anime Awards show that takes place on February 15, 2020 at 5pm PST.

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