Adidas launches its first collaboration with Ninja

Ninja is one of the biggest names in video games, and over the last few years, he has transcended from being a well-known name in the industry to becoming a globally recognized celebrity. Adding to the current repertoire of his gaming moniker, Ninja has teamed up with Adidas to launch their first collaborative project, the Ninja Nite Jogger.

The collaboration between Adidas and Ninja was first announced back in August 2019, and since then, the two have come together to bring the Ninja “Time In” Nite Jogger as the inaugural collaborative product. There’s no denying that Ninjas’ stardom has elevated beyond video games and into pop-culture and with this first-of-its-kind collaboration with Adidas, this momentous event is a testament to showcase how Ninja has made an impact on today’s culture. 

The Time In Nite Jogger brings in the same reflective technology as its predecessor that debuted in the 1980s, with the intention to signify a creator’s never-ending pursuit of their vision. Featuring the words “Time In” and “Ninja” on the forefoot, the silhouette will carry Ninjas’ signature colors, Blue and Yellow, with the gamers iconic daggers appearing on the sock-liner and upper. The Ninja logo will be printed underneath the tongue and the sock-liner, with a shuriken placed on the top eyelet of both left and right shoes. Lastly, on the heel of each shoe will be a debossed “20k” which represents the number of hours Ninja has streamed.

Ninjas’ work ethic and dedication have shifted the perception of gaming and content creation on a grand scale. Sharing his thoughts on the collaboration Ninja said: “I’m beyond thrilled and humbled to finally show the world what I’ve been working on with Adidas. The ‘Time In’ Nite Jogger represents the culmination of countless hours dedicated to my craft paying off.”

“Time In” is a platform built by both Adidas and Ninja to honor the countless hours’ creators spend working on their craft and developing their skills. The platform symbolizes the investment spent on attaining your dreams but it also acts as a reminder that it takes hard work to achieve that wanted success. 

“If a kid from Chicago who just loves playing video games can collaborate with one of the sporting world’s most iconic brands to launch a shoe together, anything is truly possible. It’s through this philosophy that I hope I can help inspire the next generation of creators to realize their dreams– if you’re willing to put the TIME IN you can achieve anything.” Said Ninja, as he shares his personal background to highlight the significance of the collaborative platform.

The Ninja Time In Nite Jogger will be available starting on December 31st at and will be available in both adult and kids sizes.

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