Evil’s Master Mod Controller will make you feel a bit naughty with its competitive edge

Modern Warfare Evil Shift Controllers Master Mod Controller

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November 2020 Update: We’ve had the chance to test Evil’s Master Mod Controller out for some months since Holiday 2019, and sometime in June 2020, the L2 button was no longer working. Customer service was attentive at the time and I sent in the controller for repairs. However, I’ve reached out to them about the status and never received an update on my controller. It’s now November and I still haven’t received it back from the company.

Original Review Below:

There are esports controllers, and then there are modded controllers, and Evil Controllers produces both types. Modded controllers aren’t allowed in esports tournaments since these controllers can do more than what’s allowed on a regular controller. However, you can use them for regular online gaming if you want that edge. Evil Master Mod controllers are customizable, whether you’re choosing the appearance or adding extra button paddles or buttons on the backside of the grips. Nerd Reactor had the chance to test out the newest Master Mod Controller for PS4, and it’s a controller that can help improve a player’s chances of dominating the battlefield.


There are many different designs available for the Evil Master Mod Controller, and you can even add your own design on the back. Designs for the front include Orange Splash, Purple Storm, Red Urban, and Black. However, if you want to represent your favorite games, there’s one for Apex Legends, Fortnite, and Modern Warfare.

Credit: Nerd Reactor

With this version, we had the Modern Warfare design on the front and the Nerd Reactor logo on the back. The black is shiny and deep, and the logo is very bold. Since it uses paint, the paint smell is still present if you put it close to your nose. If you have sweaty hands, the smell may still be noticeable if it’s on your lap.

Credit: Nerd Reactor

Master Mod Controller Features

Master Mod Controller has features including the Pro Tension and Tactile Triggers. The Pro Tension is an esports feature that increases the thumbsticks tension (220 grams). This allows players to have more control over the movement of characters or vehicles. FPS players will love the Tactile Triggers, which gets rid of the time for the shoulder buttons to reach the end. With the 1mm of travel and the clicky feel, it makes you shoot faster and lets you know you’re actually pressing it. This is great for shooting games, but if you want to play games that make use of the analog trigger, you’re out of luck. (Racing games are an example of where players will want the full control of the acceleration with the analog trigger.) The d-pad has also been improved with its own Tactile Sensitive features. Available for the PS4, it gives faster feedback with just 1mm of travel.


Credit: Nerd Reactor

The Master Mod Controller is super customizable. Before you buy the controller, the first thing to choose is the design. You can then add Shift Paddles or Shift Buttons to the grips’ backside. After that, you can choose to add no remapping or remapping. No remapping will give you the default button layout, and the remapping will let you remap the Shift Paddles or Shift Buttons with any input buttons.

The Master Mod Controller brings Evil Shift features like customizable thumbsticks where you can choose between the regular DualShock 4 thumbsticks or the Evil Controller thumbsticks. The Evil Controller thumbsticks are convexed, and there are different options with small (11mm), medium (15.37mm), and tall (17.87mm). You can get extras and switch them out if you want to change your playstyle from close-quarters combat to sniping.

Since it’s a modded controller, you can add 9 different mods and save them to a profile. For example, you can activate rapid-fire, autorun, auto-spot, fast reload, auto scope and/or drop shot (depending on the game). The ability to autorun after aiming was intuitive for me. However, I did encounter an issue since it conflicted with other commands, and I had to switch the mod feature off. The rapid-fire is useful for those who like to switch to a pistol.

The trick to saving profiles and remapping the paddles can take some getting used to, but after you’ve been messing with them for a while, you’ll pick things up. Remapping the paddle is a feature brought from the Evil Shift Controller, and setting the buttons is as simple as 4 steps. The first step has you pressing and holding the touchpad button and then pressing and holding the paddle. You then wait for the light bar to flash to release the buttons. Next, you press any input that you’d want to assign to the paddle, and that’s it. With the four face buttons (triangle, square, circle, cross) remapped to the Paddles, I’m able to move and look constantly without lifting my thumb to reload, duck, jump or switch weapons. It can get annoying when you accidentally press the Paddles since your fingers are also used to hold the controller. I would sometimes disable the Paddles when playing a slower-paced game.

The Paddles are great for games like Call of Duty series, Rainbow Six, Destiny, Borderlands and more. For Fortnight, you can build and move around at the same time thanks to the Shift Paddles and the thumbsticks. In Overwatch, playing agile characters like Genji and Lucio is beneficial with the Evil controller because you can jump, reload, shoot, and look around all while having full control of the thumbsticks.

Final Reaction

Evil Controllers’ Master Mod Controller for the PS4 is perfect for FPS games where you want full control of the thumbsticks. Having the ability to remap, add mods and customize gives players complete control of the look of the controller and helping players improve their skills on the battlefield. With the tactile buttons, it will give you an edge with faster shooting times and other moves.

Original Score: 4/5 Atoms (December 2019)

Updated Score: 1/5 Atoms (November 2020)

For more info, visit https://www.evilcontrollers.com/.

A Master Mod controller was provided by Evil Controllers for review purposes.

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