House of Marley Positive Vibrations XL (review)

The latest product from the audio brand House of Marley, the Positive Vibration XL, wants to entice not only the budget-conscious consumers but also those who want a pair of headphones that have an environmental impact. For the past few weeks, we’ve been using the Positive Vibration XL to see if this pair of eco-friendly headphones can give us a quality sound experience that lives up to the Marley name.

Build and Design

Structure for the headphones comes from a singular piece of aluminum that will give you durability and flexibility. The headband frame leads beautifully into the earcups that are both made out of aluminum as well. Instead of using a synthetic leather to wrap the headband and padding, the Positive Vibration XL instead uses a burlap type fabric, which opens the headphones to a more minimalistic look and offers a textural feel for when you’re holding the headphones in your hand. 

The ear cups are lined with foam that has a moderate amount of thickness, which will increase the amount of comfort you’ll get when you’re wearing them. The foam provides a very pleasing pillowy feel pressed against your ears, while the thickness of it reduces the amount of pressure you’ll feel on your ears and head. The foam is then lined with synthetic leather, which gives them that standard luxury look and eliminates any possible moisture build-up.

The Positive Vibration XL embodies the minimalist feel down to its very core. The entire headphone has a streamlined design that does away with any excessive bulk or unwanted angles and lines. On the outside of both earcups, House of Marley added a touch of wood that displays their branded logo. The wood really pops with the help of the all-black colorway, which has an added layer of protection that repels any fingerprints. 

Buttons and ports are also machined and fitted to seamlessly blend in with the earcups. The left earcup houses the USB-C and 3.5mm auxiliary port, which is located at the bottom so they are unseen unless in use. The right earcup stations the physical buttons that will power on/off the headphones and allow you to control your music. The buttons are tactile, rubberized, and offer a nice clicky response. There’s a small blue LED light to indicate the headphones are on, as well as a small integrated microphone to use for phone calls.

Earcups on the headphones are made to easily collapse making storage much easier. Folding inwards gives it a smaller form factor, which you can then place inside the included carrying bag for safety and travel purposes. The hinges on the earcups have a satisfying locking feel to them that lets you know that they’re properly folded or unfolded. 

Audio Performance

The Positive Vibration XL produces a great level of audio quality with the help from a pair of 40mm high definition drivers. The bass has a deep sound to it, but not too much that it comes in overwhelming. Instead, it generously fuses with the mid and highs, that are both crisp and clear. Of course, we tested out the audio performance of the headphones with some music from Bob Marley himself. With songs like “Three Little Birds” and “Could You Be Loved,” you’ll be instantly enthralled with the range and dynamics of his music. You can hear almost every instrument that he used in his music with real distinction, from the bongo drums, bass guitars, and keyboards, all the way down to the horns and clavinet. Giving you that feeling of “This is the way he would like us to hear his music.”


House of Marley boasts that the headphones have a 24-hour battery life, which during our time with the pair, we never used it for 24 hours straight. An avid listener who spends roughly two to three hours a day listening to music, such as ourselves, will realistically need to charge the headphones once every week. In our case, that’s what we needed to do. The headphones do feature quick charge technology, which means that a 10-minute charge will get you up to 4 hours of playtime, with a full charge only taking two hours.

The headphones were used mainly during the gym, which did a fantastic job of blocking the outside noise. Which is something to be said, since the headphones don’t feature active noise cancellation. The integrated buttons are easy to find and navigate since they are only three buttons that will control everything you need to do when it comes to operating your music or answering calls. 

Final Reaction

When your line of audio products bear the Marley name, it’s pivotal that they deliver a satisfactory sound experience, and that’s precisely what the Positive Vibration XL does. With a sleek and simple design that’s heightened with an elegant touch of wood, the headphones hit you with a well-balanced sound that makes any music you listen to truly come alive. Add the fact that they are priced just below $100 and are an eco-friendly pair of headphones, the Positive Vibration XL will do as their name says, which is give any listener a feeling of positive vibes from head to toe. 

Score: 5/5 Atoms



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*The Positive Vibrations XL was provided by House of Marley for review purposes

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