The Void’s Jumanji: Reverse the Curse – Become The Rock, Kevin Hart, Jack Black or Karen Gillan

Jumanji Reverse the Curse

Virtual reality is a technology that allows people to be immersed in all different types of worlds. To amplify that experience, companies have built free-roaming VR experiences where you can actually walk around a set in real life while looking inside a virtual world in a VR headset. The Void has been giving that type of experience to guests with popular properties like Avengers, Ghostbusters, Star Wars, Wreck-It Ralph, and more. Now it has a new experience called Jumanji: Reverse the Curse, and like the movies, you and your friends will get to play the role of Dr. Bravestone, Ruby Roundhouse, Prof. Oberon or ‘Mouse’ Finbar.

Upon entering the experience, you’ll need to pick a card. There are four different cards, each representing a different animal. (Mine was the crocodile.) After that, a short video featuring a character from the film will give you a briefing on the mission and the characters. You’ll then have to wear a backpack that holds the laptop to power the VR headset and the virtual world. Since your characters are equipped with their own survival backpacks in the game world, it feels like part of the immersion.

Once in the VR waiting room, you will get to see your friends transformed into one of the 4 characters: Dr. Bravestone, Ruby Roundhouse, Prof. Oberon or ‘Mouse’ Finbar. Since I chose the crocodile, I was Ruby Roundhouse. It’s pretty hilarious to see a short friend playing the role of Dr. Bravestone, since seeing a 5′ Dwayne Johnson is a funny sight.

Sony Pictures Virtual Reality and The VOID have created an exhilarating experience where you’ll be traversing the jungle, and you can actually lose your life in the world if you aren’t careful. I was eaten twice by a crocodile because I thought I couldn’t die. You have three lives total, so you’ll have to be very careful of your surroundings. Each character has their own special abilities, and as Ruby Roundhouse, I was able to fight enemies with my “Dance Fighting.”

In addition to the free-roam VR experience, there are 4D special effects where you can feel the mist of waterfalls and the heat of the desert.

Overall, Jumanji: Reverse the Curse was a hilarious and thrilling VR experience, and the addition of lives add heightened tension like never before. It is now available at participating The Void locations. To find out more, visit

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