Playfoam Pluffle (review)

For years Playfoam, by Educational Insights, has been engaging and nourishing children’s creativity and imagination with its line of toys. Its latest and brand new product called “Pluffle” continues what Playfoam has set out to do, which is to allow children to play for hours with something that’s not only mesmerizing but is as feel-good as it is fun.

What Exactly Is Pluffle?

When you look at Pluffle and hold it in your hands, the first thing you want to ask yourself is “What is it?” The name doesn’t give a lot of hints as to what it is, but when you break it down and inspect it, you come to find out its basically foam that has been shredded to very small pieces. Those minuscule pieces are then mixed with glitter to give it that glint and glare that adds to its mesmerizing feature.

Pluffle is very soft to the touch and has a slightly tacky feel to it, but that tackiness allows the Pluffle to hold together, allowing children to form it into shapes. The best part about handling Pluffle is the fact that it doesn’t stick to your hands. You won’t have to dust off your hands when you play with it or knock off any pieces that get stuck to your palm or fingers. 

How Does It Play

Similar to Kinetic Play Sand, Pluffle allows kids to form shapes into whatever their imagination allows, but the shapes they create won’t hold its form for that long, and that’s where the magic of Pluffle comes in. Watching your creations slowly dissolve into a pile of Pluffle is what makes this toy genuinely enthralling. You can squish a handful of Pluffle into a ball, then see it disintegrate with every piece moving as it had just come to life. It was hypnotizing to see it move like it was some type of alien life form, or lava crawling down the side of a mountain. 

Pluffle comes in a handful of colors which gives your kids the chance to mix things up, so the things they create will have different looks to them. For parents, Pluffle is the perfect toy because it’s essentially mess-free, aside from maybe your children throwing it everywhere. This means that you won’t have to really clean up after your kid plays with it, and you won’t have to worry about random scribblings painted on to your walls. With Pluffle also being made out of foam, the toy will never dry out, which gives it a long shelf life, allowing your kid to play with it for many years. 

Final Reaction

When it comes to our children’s toys, we want them to be more than just playthings. Ideally, we want their toys to be something that not only sparks their imagination and creativity but also teaches them things along the way. Pluffle is the ideal toy for those kids whose imagination runs wild. Not only is it fun to just hold in your hands and watch it move, but it also allows kids to engage in tactile learning, which can really help to grow a child’s cognitive, physical, and language abilities. 

Score: 5/5 Atoms




*Pluffle was provided by Educational Insights for review purposes.

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