Ready or Not – Blu-ray Review

Ready or Not

Ready or Not is a film that seemingly came out of nowhere this year. But its unique and entertaining twist on the slasher genre made it a favorite among horror fans. Meaning, instead of one killer killing a group of people, it’s a group of people trying to kill one person. It’s an intense cat-and-mouse game but it also hilarious thanks to the film’s kooky cast of characters.

Each member of the Le Domas family has a unique and distinct personality. Each one brings a unique element to the film—some more important than others. Some are the comic relief, some are wild cards (where you don’t know if they’re good or bad), and some are just straight-up evil.

Yet the film perfectly balances the screentime of every single character. There isn’t a single moment where a character appears and then disappears for a long period. Everyone will get their moment.

Also, the blend of comedy and gore is what makes Ready or Not so damn entertaining. Henry Czerny hams it up (in a good way) as the Le Domas’ patriarch. His petulant child outbursts are one of the many highlights of the film. The same can be said of Kristian Bruun, who has such impeccable comedic timing that it just adds to the fun.

But as entertaining as the Le Domas family are, it’s Samara Weaving’s performance that ties it all together. She brings it all to Grace—who brings a spunky personality to the role. That’s what makes her character very likable since it reminds the audience of themselves. Much like Grace, we’re outsiders in this world, so we don’t have that connection to the Le Domas family but with Grace instead.

She also has that survivor element to her character too. You know that she’s not the damsel in distress type. Sure, she may need help but she’s not lost without help. In other words, she has the characteristics of the “final girl” without the fuss of all of her friends dying.

Overall, Ready or Not is one of the best horror-comedies of the past few years. It has an amazing blend and balance of gore and comedy that should satisfy fans in both genres.

Movie Rating: 4.5/5 atoms


Ready or Not - Samara Weaving

Ready or Not hits Blu-ray with a 1080p MPEG-AVC with a 2.39:1 aspect ratio. Due to the strong picture contrast, you can find a lot of crush in the shadow areas. Unfortunately, since most of the film takes place in the dark, it becomes a bit of a problem. The very few bright areas, such as lights and candles, are vibrant and jump off the screen. The picture also has a warm hue to it due to the use of candles around the mansion. This ultimately leads to some drab colors which don’t necessarily pop off the screen. At least, the picture is very clear since all of the intricate details of the mansion and costumes are crisp. Overall, the picture quality is decent.

Video Rating: 3.5/5 atoms


Ready or Not - Henry Czerny and Mark O'Brien

Ready or Not hits Blu-ray with a 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio track. Much like the picture quality, the audio is decent as well. Much of the mix is front-loaded with the music and dialogue all coming from the front three channels. The mix does have a bit of immersion but they’re so subtle that you’ll miss it if you’re not paying attention to it. Unsurprisingly, the music sounds static across the soundstage. There are little layering of instruments in this mix. At least the mix sounds. Overall, the audio mix is decent at best.

Audio Rating: 4/5 atoms

Special Features

Ready or Not - Henry Czerny

Ready or Not has the following special features on the Blu-ray disc:

  • Let the Games Begin: The Making of Ready or Not
  • Gag Reel
  • Audio Commentary by Radio Silence and Samara Weaving
  • Gallery
  • Red Band Trailer

An in-depth look at the making of the film. It features a lot of interviews and stories that cover a wide array of subjects. It also includes a lot of “dailies” footage during the filming process. It’s a must-watch featurette. The gag reel is pretty standard but it still has its moments.

Also, the filmmakers provide so much behind-the-scenes information about the film in the audio commentary. It also gives you an idea of how strict the time constraints are. Not to mention, Samara Weaving is a bright spark of fun in the commentary while providing some acting insight too.

Special Features Rating: 4/5 atoms

Overall, Ready or Not puts a unique twist on a horror genre while also amping up the fun and entertainment through gore and laughs. Unfortunately, the picture quality has issues with crush while the audio mix is not as dynamic as it should be. The special features, however, are both in-depth and fun to watch.

Overall Rating: 4/5 atoms

This Blu-ray was reviewed using a retail/advance copy/unit provided by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.

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