Skullcandy Method ANC earbuds (review)

Skullcandy Method ANC earbuds

Skullcandy’s previous iterations of their Method earbuds were made for the active individual. Lightweight, portable, and resistant to sweat and water, it was the perfect pair for runners. Now with audio technology advancing, it was time for the audio company to take a look back at the Method and retrofit it with Active Noise Cancellation with the brand new Method ANC.

Comfort & Design

The Method ANC (See on Amazon) takes its overall design traits not only from its predecessor but also from most wireless earbuds that you’ll find on the market today. Skullcandy adds its signature touch is in the earbuds, which takes its shape and style from its “Indy True Wireless” pair. The left and right earbuds are connected by a cable that measures just around 21-inches in length. Right under the left ear is a pill-shaped remote that has three physical buttons that will let you adjust the volume, skip tracks, and turn on/off the earbuds. The buttons are easy to find and navigate, which will help those who use them while running.

The earbuds themselves are fairly comfortable to wear, which is helped by the silicon ear tips and ear fins. The ear fins do a wonderful job of keeping them placed inside your ear, even during your most physically demanding exercise. I wore the Method ANC during my time at the gym and throughout the entire time, I didn’t notice a bit of discomfort. The wire that runs around the neck is wrapped in silicon and is thin enough, and after a while, you won’t even realize that it’s there.

One design element that Skullcandy placed on the Method ANC that I truly appreciated, was the use of magnets inside the earbud housings. The magnets allow you to clasp the left and right channels when they’re not in use. This makes the earbuds easy to store, but also, if you need to momentarily take them out while you’re working out or running, you can connect the earbuds together around your neck keeping them safe and secure.


Audio performance on the Method ANC is good but don’t expect to be blown away. The low-end comes through nicely. It’s deep and profound, giving you just enough thump to carry and compliment your music. The high is crisp, sharp and balanced and won’t come through sounding distorted. Where things begin to fall off would be in the mids, as the music tended to sound a tad bit flat and slightly muddled. Thankfully, the lows and highs are there to carry the weight left off by the mids.

The Active Noise Cancellation on the Method works just as it should, reducing the amount of outside noise that leaks through the earbuds. It won’t give you a 100% reduction, but in most cases, using the earbuds while walking outside, or in a heavily populated area such as a subway, it was easy for me to solely hear my music and eliminate the outside distractions. 

Battery life on the Method ANC will last you around six hours, which is perfect for occasional listening and short trips from point A to point B. But if you’re looking to use it on an all-day excursion, the earbuds will fall short. Luckily, Skullcandy included rapid charge on the Method ANC, which for me, took around 45 minutes to get back to a six-hour playtime. 

Final Reaction

The Method earbuds from Skullcandy has seen its fair share of variances, but the one thing it continues to hold true is its dedication to the constant mover and fitness enthusiasts. The Method ANC carries on that tradition by not changing what its already perfected, but by adding features that we as music lovers need. In a small comfortable form factor, the Method ANC brings in the latest technology, which includes active noise cancellation, tile tracking, magnetic buds, and IPX4 rating for sweat and water resistance, giving its users a fundamental music experience. The overall sound is balanced to favor the lows and highs and has slightly neglected the mids, but this doesn’t diminish the final sound. The Method ANC still can give your everyday music lover just the right amount of auditory sensation that can keep you grooving for hours.

Score 4/5 Atoms




*The Method ANC was provided by Skullcandy for review purposes.

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