Frozen II Review

Frozen II

Disney’s Frozen became one of the biggest animated films of all-time. Not to mention, Idina Menzel’s “Let It Go” became a pop culture phenomenon and became a big hit for Disney—much to the chagrin of parents everywhere. So it came as no surprise that Disney would be making a sequel to one of the biggest animated films of all-time. But can Frozen II live up to the expectations of Frozen fans everywhere?

Sadly, no. However, the level of expectations for the film was so high that it was near impossible to surpass it. As a result, the filmmakers decided to do something completely different from the first film. Unfortunately, that tonal difference is something that may or may not please fans.

Frozen II follows Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven as they investigate the mysteries of an enchanted forest to save Arendelle from being destroyed.

Frozen II - Elsa and Anna

Frozen II is tonally different from its predecessor. Unlike the first film, the story and characters come to the forefront. Not to mention, the film goes into some dark places. In a way, it’s similar to The Empire Strikes Back with the way the story gets personal with these characters. It breaks them down and builds them back up stronger to become better at the end of the film.

Although the story works on paper, the execution of the storyline doesn’t fare as well. Frozen II seemingly has a hard time balancing all of the different storylines in the film. It simply focuses on one character before they disappear and show up again way later in the film. This includes some fan-favorite characters from the first film. Yes, even the new characters in the film are barely in it.

That’s because this is once again Elsa’s story—much more than the first film. A lot of the questions from the first film regarding Elsa are revealed here. At the same time, you’ll find answers to all of the questions left behind from the first film. So Frozen II will give the franchise some finality and cap everyone’s storylines. It’s going to be a bit difficult to continue the story should they do a Frozen III.

Frozen II - Sven, Olaf, Kristoff, Elsa, and Anna

Since Frozen II emphasizes the characters and story, the songs aren’t as catchy as the original. It seems as if the songs take a backseat and complement the film instead of being its own thing. However, there are some gems in the film. Songs like “Some Things Never Change” or “Lost in the Woods” are memorable, but they’re memorable because of its context to the film instead of being memorable on its own.

As you can expect, the animation is beautiful. The film is full of rich colors and not just the cool bluish colors. The amount of realism in the landscape is astounding as well. All of the environments in Frozen II are a vast visual masterpiece.

Overall, Frozen II is a good film in general but it doesn’t reach the same level of greatness as its predecessor. The film goes to some dark places but darkness doesn’t always equal good. It’s just good to see a lot of questions answered while seemingly finalizing the story of Anna and Elsa. Whatever the future holds for these characters, it’s nice to see all of our favorite characters one more time.

Rating: 3/5 atoms

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