Henry Golding and Emilia Clarke are a joy to watch in Last Christmas (review)

Last Christmas

Tom (Henry Golding) and Kate (Emilia Clarke) in “Last Christmas”

Christmas is starting early with the release of Last Christmas this weekend. The romantic comedy is directed by Paul Feig, and it stars Emilia Clarke as Kate and Henry Golding as Tom. Kate’s life is falling apart, and when Tom appears at her workplace, her life starts to turn around for the better. It’s a sweet little Christmas film, and the two lead actors are a joy to watch.

Last Christmas follows Kate, who’s having a terrible time during the holiday season. She’s an aspiring singer who’s paying the bills by working as an elf at a Christmas shop, and she has an estranged relationship with her family, especially her mother (Emma Thompson). Kate isn’t really a responsible and caring person, but that slowly starts to change when she meets a peculiar stranger named Tom.

Both Henry Golding and Emilia Clarke are a treat, and their different personalities mesh well together. Golding is quirky and dashing as Tom, and Clarke is aloof yet beguiling.

The supporting cast members are also a delight. Thompson plays the worried Eastern European mother, and she has a lot of fun with her role and accent. Michelle Yeoh plays Kate’s boss, Santa, and she can be strict while also showing signs of caring. Her romantic subplot with the lovestruck gentleman can make eyes roll, but those who love cheesy romance will think it’s cute.

The main love story isn’t groundbreaking, and it’s not trying to be. If its goal is to make you fall for both Golding and Clarke, then the film did its job. There are many Christmas films where the lead turns their life around by becoming a better person, and Last Christmas is one of those films.

Final Reaction

Emilia Clarke is a darling and Henry Golding is as charming as ever, but Last Christmas does play out like a traditional romantic comedy. The third act, however, felt very refreshing. Fans of Christmas films and romantic comedies may enjoy the film’s spirit and the chemistry between the two characters, while others may think it’s a bit cheesy.

Score: 3/5 Atoms

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