Epithet Erased premieres on VRV from YouTuber JelloApocalypse

Streaming platform VRV prides itself on providing the best fandom-focused content for its subscribers. From the weird and cooky to the nostalgic golden-era of Nickolodeon, VRV has a slate of titles for anyone and any age. Today, VRV has announced the launch of “Epithet Erased” from YouTube creator JelloApocalypse.

Epithet Erased takes its viewers to the world of “Sweet Jazz City,” where a few lucky people are born with powers attached to their souls, which are called “Epithets,” which uses words such as fire, coupon, and even soup. A magical artifact known as the “Arsene Amulet” is rumored to have the ability to steal a person’s Epithet, and folks say that the artifact his hidden somewhere inside the Sweet Jazz museum. As thieves storm the museum to steal the artifact, they do battle against inscribed warriors inside its many halls. Caught in the middle of it all is Molly, a little girl whose own Epithet can be “dumb” enough to save her, or has the risk of being erased!

The show is an ensemble comedy/adventure about farcical crimes and the characters that commit them. The shows intriguing visuals and storytelling lends its inspiration from video games, anime, visual novels, and crime thrillers. The show is created by Brendan Blaber, a voice actor and content creator who is known for the YouTube channel JelloApocalypse. The series “So This is Basically” gained fame by parodying different cartoons, games, and anime.

For his new show, Brendan wanted to create a style that was new and unique. Mixing traditional animation and portrait puppeteering, Epithet Erased is going to give fans something that they would typically see in video game cutscenes. Getting a chance to produce his own show on VRV has been fun and exciting, as it was his chance to combine all of his favorite creative mediums into a singular show.

Epithet Erased premiered on VRV today at 10 a.m., with new episodes available every Friday. The series will star the voices of Dani Chambers, Kyle Igneczi, Lindsay Sheppard, Anthony Sardinha, Zack Maher, Sandra Espinoza, William T. Sopp, Jay Preston, Dawn M. Bennett, Oliver Tull, Ari Ross, Cyrus Rodas, Heath Morrow, Jordan Dash Cruz, Justice Washington, and Wyatt Baker. 

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