Design your own customizable magic wand that illuminates through capacitive touch

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Harry Potter has made magic wands popular, and one way to get one is to buy one at Universal Studios’ The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Another way is from The Magic of Things, the studio behind The Cauldron Magical Experience. It’s set in creating its own line of customizable magic wands that you can design. In addition, the wand’s tip can illuminate using the current from your body, and it contains no buttons to ruin the illusion. To make it a reality for the holiday season, it has launched a Kickstarter campaign called “Design My Wand.”

The customizable magic wand is 3D printed with electronics placed inside, and there are no buttons, screws, wires, or any signs of how the wand actually works. The wand is able to illuminate through capacitive touch using technology that’s embedded inside. The Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is the heart of the wand, and it’s soldered and slotted inside a core that becomes part of the handle. Each wand is weighed for the most optimal feel. You can choose which handle you want with your wand shaft.

To get your hands on your own customizable magic wand, visit

The Magic of Things’ goal is to make magic come to life through science, technology, and design. The wand is created in its imagineering studio comprised of hardware & design engineers, experts in hospitality, and prop & set designers in East London.

The Kickstarter campaign went live on Halloween, and it’s up for only 20 days to help push the product to fans and collectors before the holiday season.

To immerse yourself more, you can visit The Cauldron Magical Experience in London, New York, Edinburgh, and Dublin. Guests will learn to brew their own potions thanks to molecular mixology inside immersive sets. Check out the video below to get an idea.

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