Relive your favorite horror films with I Like Scary Movies, the interactive art experience

Photo Credit: Hanae Cajigas

I Like Scary Movies aims to transport guests into the nightmarish worlds of iconic horror movies where they are able to pose in creepy and artistic installations from The Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Beetlejuice, The Shining, and It. With the Halloween season over, there’s still time to check out the experience with the Los Angeles encore, which is running through November 2019.

This new iteration of I Like Scary Movies still has many of the previous art installations, but there’s a new player in town with Friday the 13th. Guests are able to go at their pace, allowing them some time in getting that perfect Instagram shot. The installations include a giant Freddy Krueger glove slashing through a wall, a tent in the forest where Jason stalks his victims, Beetlejuice’s graveyard, Pennywise offering a balloon at a park, the bloody hallway from the Overlook Hotel, and many more.

Photo Credit: Hanae Cajigas

“Basically, the show has been remixed, in essence, since the first time around over at the Desmond,” said Maximillian, the creator of I Like Scary Movies. “We’re really trying to keep the soul but also reinvent the soul at the same time. We keep guests coming back for more and wanting to dive deeper into the content. We’re remixing a lot of the older installations and adding stuff to it, and we also have a brand new installation with Friday the 13th that we’re debuting here.”

The previous show had The Lost Boys, but it was replaced by Friday the 13th. Maximillian wants to keep it within 5 movies.

“Now we decided to push pause on The Lost Boys and bring Friday the 13th into it,” he added. “It’s really just wanting to keep adding and subtracting movies as we continue to grow and tour.”

It: Chapter Two recently hit theaters, and we’re getting a sequel to The Shining with Doctor Sleep. Some of it was a coincidence, but it wasn’t meant to be promotional.

“When I first chose these movies, I had no idea that Doctor Sleep was coming out,” he said. “I had no idea there was going to be a Lost Boys television reboot. Of course, I knew about It: Chapter Two, but the choices of the movies that I had decided upon had nothing to do with the pipeline, so to speak. I really just wanted something that was going to be a snippet from classic Shining to current blockbuster It: Chapter 2. I didn’t want it to be promotional-base necessarily, but to have it be a celebration.”

For tickets, you can visit I Like Scary Movies dates are November 1-3, 7-10, and 15-17. It is located at 2118 East 7th Place, Los Angeles, CA 90021.

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